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several previous studies reported


a study published in the Journal of Diabetes science and

that some test strips, especially those

with glucose oxidase enzyme reaction,

technology (Volume 6, issue 5, september 2012)* looked at the are sensitive to oxygen and that high

accuracy of blood test systems. it assessed 43 blood glucose oxygen concentrations may lead to

monitoring systems for the smbg (in other words the self- system results lower than the true

monitoring of blood glucose with blood test meters). value – it’s one of the reason your test

clearly the accuracy of systems for self-monitoring of blood strips come in light-proof pots and you

glucose is important, reliable measurement results being a nee dto keep them in the pots that they

prerequisite for therapeutic decisions. come in as they often have silica walls

from the 34 systems completely assessed, the study to reduce water contenf of the air and

concluded that seven systems did not fulfill the minimal accuracy keep the strips stable and therefore

requirements of the iso standard and that the european ce keep the readings accurate.

mark does not guarantee that all blood glucose systems provide in summary, the report stated

accuracy according to the standard. The clinical benefits of that 34 out of 43 bg systems were

smbg in diabetes patients are widely accepted, and today, completely assessed, and 27 (79.4%)

smbg is recommended for all people with diabetes, particularly of the 34 systems fulfill the minimal

for adjustment of insulin in patients with multiple daily injections. accuracy requirements of the standard

a multitude of smbg systems is available on the market. Din en iso 15197:2003. only 18

an increasing number of new systems have been introduced. (52.9%) of 34 systems fulfilled the

Physicians and patients are looking for guidance to choose minimal accuracy requirements if

between systems with different price ranges, including well- tighter criteria of the current draft

established systems as well as completely new systems revision of iso 15197 are considered.

in europe, manufacturers of bg systems have to provide You can read the full report and

evidence of conformity with the iso standard in order to get the statistical data here.

conformité européenne (ce) mark for their products. However, an

evaluation study published in 2010 showed that more than 40% *System Accuracy Evaluation of 43

Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for

of the systems investigated did not fulfill the minimum accuracy

Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose according to DIN EN ISO 15197, Guido

criteria of the iso standard. the categorization of bg systems

Freckmann, M.D., Christina Schmid, Ph.D., Annette Baumstark, Ph.D., Stefan

into different quality classes and for different patient groups with

Pleus, M.S.,Manuela Link, M.E., and Cornelia Haug, M.D. This study was

specific needs for accuracy is frequently discussed. funded by a grant from Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany.


Wik-ed! Zero failure

it turns out that the way a sensor pulls the ime-Dc blood test meter achieves

your blood inside it is called ‘wicking’ and the aims of being extremely easy to

several meters use groovy techniques and use, and in fact features just one button.

technology to get the smallest sample to the meter includes siP-in technology,

do a test on. among them are the freestyle which makes applying blood to the strip

meters from abbott which feature ZipWik fail-safe, so there are no failed tests

technology, ensuring fast, effective blood due to not enough blood being put on

uptake as well as blood glucose test result

accuracy (see images top right and left).

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