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Editor’s comment...

W e use them once then throw

them away... but spare a

thought for your blood test

sensors. They may be small, but they

are mighty. Not only can do those of us

with diabetes use them several times

a day as a matter of routine, but we

trust what they tell us. In our feature

we look at some of the science behind how these strips

(sensors) work. It also explains why those little strips –

while being relatively expensive – are worth every penny.

Some of them even use gold as a conductor to analyse our

blood, so you might have some bling in your blood test

kit! Plus lots of food news and an expose on watercress!

Sue Marshall


fooD neWs making carbs count neWs

Two pages of summery munch- When you need a bit of green- A WHO report says children

ing with a worldwide cookbook, ery, now it’s summertime you can are being targeted to eat bad

(we’ll share ours!) some soulfood reach for some worthwhile wa- food. JDRF President visits dia-

pots (scrummy!), some ‘sparking’ tercress. Easy to find and more betes centre in Dundee. Win a

cabbage (indeed!) and a square versatile than you might imagine, Mendor Discreet meter. Watch a

sausage (it’s about time!). we look at it in detail on p. 14. video about basal rate testing.

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Editor: Sue Marshall

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