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Alternate options

the accu-chek range of blood test

meters includes a selection that feature

blood test strips (sensors) but a few years

ago they added in a new option, the

mobile blood test system. this features a

cassette that has a long piece of reagent

strip (see the meter, far right, and the

cassette, right). this novel idea meant

that each new cassette could do up to

50 tests before a new one needed to be

installed. With a detachable finger-pricker

attached to the side, it meant that a test

could be completed all in one go. the

cassette strip technology is great for those

who find fiddling about with a new sensor

each time you need to do a test (so those

with small or less dexterous hands), or

people who are pressed for time. it saves

on chucking away test strips too (they do

end up everywhere don’t they?).

COUNTING THE COST. If you were to buy your strips, you would find that (with some variation) they cost between 50p-£1.00

per strip (or in the case of the mobile cassette, per test). Depending on which way you look at it, that may seem a lot or a little.

the bigger cost is the loss of your health if you do not test, and the cost to the nHs in bed spaces if you require hospitalisation

for diabetes-related health issues later in life. the real cost is what will occur if you do not blood test. if you are having problems

accessing test strips from your gP contact the Diabetes uk careline for support and information, even if you have type 2.


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