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Waitrose has launched two new glutenfree

fusilli pastas. One pasta is made

entirely from green peas and the other

from red lentils. Then, the few peas and

pulses that don't make the grade during

the production of this pasta are used to

help create the box in which the pasta

is sold. This new environmentally friendly

packaging, made from 15% food waste,

can be in direct contact with the pasta,

eliminating the need for an inner sleeve

within the pack. The pasta box is also

100% recyclable, so customers will be

making an ethical as well as a nutritious

choice when picking up a box of the new

pasta. Each portion of the new pasta is

high in protein, a source of fibre and one

of your 5-a-day. £1.99 for a 250g pack, as

part of the Waitrose LoveLife range.



A traditional British summer flavour is

the newest member to join the French

Bonne Maman family. Rhubarb Conserve

is newly available in Sainsbury's and

Co-op nationwide (£2.29). Rhubarb is

believed to have originated in China,

where it's root has been used as a herbal

medicine to give a positive and balancing

effect on the digestive system. It started

appearing in Europe in the seventeenth

century and has long been a favourite in

Britain and the north of France, as the

plant does not like hot and dry climates.

Rhubarb has been enjoying something

of a renaissance, featuring on menus

nationwide in hot or cold dishes and even

summer drinks, beers wine and cheese.

Bonne Maman's Rhubarb Compote is

also becoming an increasingly popular

choice on granola or yogurt.

Fools & Queens make sensational

puddings yet use no sugar. They are

low-sugar, gluten-free (occasionally dairyfree)

puddings. They are all handmade

in Brixton, using fresh, locally sourced

ingredients as well as xylitol, a natural

sweetener sourced from Finnish birch

trees which is fructose free, has a low

GI, and is only 40% of the calories of

table sugar. Their puddings are ones

people will recognise, more posset and

panna cotta than red bean and courgette

brownie. Co-founders Aly Johnson and

Matt Heath met whilst serving as officers

in The Royal Air Force and Household

Cavalry respectively and started out at

London Farmers' Markets and are now

on the shelves at Fortnum & Mason. To

date the company has sold more than 1.5

tonnes of puddings. They say they want

to move people away from the old-school

'low-fat' mindset, as low-fat often means

high sugar. Lemon Posset 14g carbs per

110g pot; Strawberries and Cream 10g

carbs per 110g pot.


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