Katie Garden Tiffin Time


Garden greens

Garden is currently studying for an

Association for Nutrition Level 4 Online

Nutrition Course qualification. She says, "It

is well documented that being sedentary

all day long is not good for our health and

well-being, so it is important to have a

break at lunchtime, eat properly, chat to

colleagues and move around; even 15

minutes of gentle exercise can help get

the brain re-engaged."

From curry and quesadilla to

shepherd's pie and Spanish stew, Tiffin

Time's weekly changing menu takes

inspiration from all over the world. All

leftover food is channelled into local

initiatives that deliver it to those in need.

The use of tiffin tins means that there is

minimal waste, as they are washed each

night and reused. Each Tiffin Time meal is

split between three tiffin tins, with a meaty

or veggie main, accompanied by two

side dishes, such as salad, vegetables

and brown rice. The meaty option costs

£6.50 and the veggie option costs £5.50,

delivery is 50p and the tins are collected

on the next delivery round.


Tiffin: a light midday meal or luncheon. In the period of the British

Raj the custom of afternoon tea was supplanted by the local Indian

practice of taking a light meal which became known as tiffin. In parts

of India, such as Mumbai, the word mostly refers to a packed lunch of

some sort. In Mumbai, it is often forwarded to them by dabbawalas,

sometimes known as tiffin wallahs, who use a complex system to get

thousands of tiffin-boxes to their destinations. The lunch boxes are

called tiffin carriers, tiffin-boxes or just tiffins.

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