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The Medtronic and IBM teams have been

working on using IBM Watson Health's

cognitive computing alongside data from

Medtronic's Carelink Connect system to

predict hypo- and hyperglycaemic events

and give people with diabetes coaching

and guidance to avoid them.

In a research study, the companies say

they were able to predict a hypoglycaemic

event three hours in advance 80% of

the time. Even when patients have a

continuous glucose monitor and collect a

wealth of information about their lifestyle

and symptoms there's not really time to

go through that data with a professional

and mine it for insights.

Sugar.IQ, the resultant new app (billed

as the first-of-its-kind cognitive app for

people with diabetes) revealed jointly

by Medtronic and IBM, uses real-time

continuous glucose monitoring and insulin

information from Medtronic pumps and

glucose sensors to find hidden patterns

in diabetes data and is designed to help

answer key questions that people with

diabetes have about their current health

status, about where their health is trending

and what actions they can take to better

manage their diabetes in the future.

More specifically, Sugar.IQ can be

used to uncover behaviours that influence

glucose levels and send appropriate

alerts to users. The app's Glycemic Assist

feature enables users to inquire about

how specific foods impact their personal

glucose levels, and the software can track

food to deliver meal-related insights to

help people better control their diabetes.

Currently only being used on a trial

basis in the US, the app is due a broader

rollout later this year.

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Medtronic and

IBM Watson Health

This app is being used by 750,000 people

with diabetes. Founded in Vienna, Austria,

with a sister company in the US, the app

is easily available to anyone, including

UK residents. They say, "We specialize

in app-based, all-around care for people

with diabetes - made by people with

diabetes. Our apps and services are

mutually compatible solutions to ease the

daily grind of diabetes. In short, we make

diabetes suck less!

A startup founded in 2012 in Vienna,

mySugr now boasts 40 staff members

working on and marketing the app which

features high technical product quality

backed up by a deep understanding of


mySugr Inc

diabetes that makes mySugar unique.

The mySugr Logbook is a registered risk

class 1 medical device in the US and EU.

They also say, "Our users deserve the

very best, and that's what we deliver with

mySugr Coaching. Seamless information

and advice from highly trained Certified

Diabetes Educators who live with

diabetes. mySugr's Head Coach is Gary

Scheiner, MS, CDE. Gary is the author of

"Think Like a Pancreas" and was AADE's

2014 Diabetes Educator of the Year."

Below L-R mySugr founders Frank

Westermann, Gerald Stangl, Fredrik

Debong, and Michael Forisch.


In September the Glooko team

announced its merger with Diasend

saying, "We are thrilled to be joining forces

with Diasend. When we started talking

about our common missions to make it

easier for people with diabetes and the

teams that care for them, we knew we

could scale and reach this mission on

a global basis faster - together! We'll

combine resources, talent, regional

experience and product know-how. As

a joint company, we will unite under the

Glooko name and have compatibility with

more than 160 different devices, including

glucose meters, insulin pumps, CGMs

and activity trackers, covering 95% of the

diabetes devices used worldwide."

Richard Lauritis, President, Diasend

US says, "I'm super excited for this merger.

After living with diabetes for 22 years,

I feel we are finally close to a diabetes

data revolution. A key to better diabetes

control hides in historic data. This merger

will allow for superior pattern recognition

and universal data aggregation."


Glooko and Diasend


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