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As reported by Reuters, tiny Israeli

drugmaker Oramed Pharmaceuticals

Inc said its experimental oral insulin

succeeded in significantly reducing nighttime blood glucose in patients with Type

2 diabetes, according to initial data from

a midstage trial.

The result is likely to surprise many

skeptics who did not believe insulin could

be delivered orally because they doubted

it could survive the onslaught of digestive

juices so it could have the intended effect.

Oramed uses a protective coating and a

high-enough dose of insulin so that most

of it can be destroyed and still deliver a

clinically beneficial amount

The positive results must be replicated

in a larger Phase III trial before the drug,

known as ORMD-0801, can be submitted

for approval. But the data from the

Phase II, 180-patient trial represents a


The adAPT Trial is a family study looking at the possibility of preventing the onset of Type 1

diabetes through an inexpensive drug treatment regime.

The researchers are looking to recruit brothers and sisters aged between 5 and 16 years

old with a sibling who developed Type 1 diabetes when they were under the age of 25. They

would also like to involve the offspring aged between 5 and 16 years of a parent who developed

Type 1 diabetes when they were under the age of 25. The trial is launching in Scotland with a

second site due to be started shortly in Newcastle.


major milestone. While insulin is typically

associated with Type 1 diabetes, many

patients with Type 2 eventually see their

disease progress to the point where they

need insulin. Type 2 accounts for more

than 90% of the nearly 400 million people

with diabetes worldwide.

A safe and effective oral insulin, if

approved, is expected to become a

multibillion-dollar product. The main

attraction of an insulin pill, aside from

avoiding injections, is that it comes much

closer to the path of natural insulin, which

is produced in the pancreas and goes

directly to the liver. ORMD-0801 goes

from the gut to the liver, while injected

insulin circulates throughout the body

before it gets there.

Image shows Oramed MD Nadav

Kidron holding the experimental pill.

Medtronic his to work with Qualcomm Life

to develop a new generation of smaller,

affordable continuous glucose monitors

(CGMs) for people with Type 2 diabetes

(as well as those with Type 1). Currently,

CGM devices are mostly prescribed for

people with Type 1 diabetes, while those

with Type 2 are more likely to use discrete

finger-prick glucometers. However,

this new partnership aims to leverage

Qualcomm's expertise to develop CGMs

that are smaller, easier to use, and more

affordable than currently available CGMs

-- in the hopes of making the technology

available to those with Type 2 diabetes.

There are 20 times more people with Type

2 diabetes.

Qualcomm has worked with a number

of major healthcare companies to develop

device pilots over the last few years

including pharma companies Roche,

Novartis, and GSK while Medtronic has

embarked on a number of partnerships

within diabetes care, currently working

with Samsung to optimize the viewing of

CGM and pump data from its MiniMed

Connect offering, and with IBM Watson

to apply cognitive computing to data from

Medtronic's CareLink Connect system.

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