Carbs and Cals





A book that adds up when it comes to counting carbs (and cals!)


he Carbs & Cals series

is now in its 6th reprint

and comes this time with

a refreshed look as well

as a range of additional

features. In Carbs&Cals Carb & Calorie

Counter more foods are included, there's

updated nutrient values as well as the

latest nutritional guidelines.

For those with diabetes, carb counting

can be tough when trying to navigate

nutritional information. Food labels are

often misleading, while recipe books often

fail to include nutritional values, and eating

out can be a minefield as no information

available, it's just down to guess work.

This book can help you calculate better,

and reduce the risk of blood sugar highs.

The Carbs & Cals method of

visually representing food portions has

revolutionised education for people

with diabetes. The new issue has more

than 1,700 food and drink photos. By

comparing the food on your plate to the

images in the book you can quickly and

accurately assess of the carb content of

the meal.

Similar problems are faced by those

counting calories for weight loss. Food

companies often vary their methods of

displaying these values in order to present

their products in the best possible light.

Are the calories shown per pack, per half

pack, per 100g, or per portion? It can be

very difficult to assess the calorific content

of food items. Another crucial factor for

those trying to lose weight is portion

control. Selecting the correct portion size

is key, but can be tricky to judge. With up

to 6 portion photos for each meal shown

in Carbs & Cals, you'll quickly realise that

choosing the big portion of sausage and

mash (containing over 1400 calories), is


not going to help you lose weight. This

visual method can really hit home and

help educate about calorie counting.

The Carbs & Cals tables show values

(per 100g) for popular foods such as

pasta, rice, meat and vegetables. There

are also tables showing values for

restaurant and fast food outlets, making

it easier to choose the right foods when

eating out. This issue also sports a new

'5-a-day' circle, showing the number of

fruit and veg portions in a serving.

Authors Chris Cheyette and Yello

Balolia are proud of their continuing role

in revolutionising the way carb and calorie

counting is taught and learned on a

national scale. Cheyette says,"It's amazing

to see doctors, nurses and dietitians up

and down the country using the Carbs

& Cals book to make their diabetes and

weight management consultations easier

and more effective, as well as seeing

patients self-manage and improve their

conditions using this low-cost solution."

Available at RRP £10.49.

To be in with a chance to win

one of two copies of the book

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