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Martyn Ullah is

now 26. He was

diagnosed in

2001 when he

was 11 years old.

He recalls, "The first time I had symptoms

I remember going on a visit to Thorpe

Park, a sort of adventure place near my

home in Surrey. I was drinking gallons

of water. Then, one normal school day,

I was having a shower in the morning

and collapsed. My mum took me to the

health centre and a GP gave me a blood

test. He told me then and there that I was

diabetic. I remember the blue-and-white

Accu-Chek Advantage blood test meter

he used to do the test. I was then rushed

by my mum to the hospital - she even

got a speeding ticket. Then I spent three

days in hospital at St Peter's in Chertsey.

Although released, I was back in a month

later because my pen needle had blocked

and I did not realise. So I went really high

and had to go to hospital. I was a rookie.

You learn fast!"

Ullah sees that his diabetic journey

includes some different life stages. He

says, "Looking back, I'd been given a lot

of information when I was first diagnosed,

like what I could and could not eat. I cried

myself to sleep one night when I realised I

could no longer have my favourite cereal,

which was Wheeto's.

"It sounds silly now, but I was only a

kid. I was on two injections a day at the

start. It was an insulin mix. I remember I

had to shake it before injecting it. I was

given a blood test machine at the time,

an Accu-Chek Active but I also tried

the Accu-Chek Compact. My favourite,

however, has been the Accu-Chek


A step up

Ten years after diagnosis, Ullah moved

from multiple daily injections onto an

insulin pump. "I was 21," he says, "and

going into my final year at university. When

I was back at home during holidays my

mum still checked my blood sugar on the

night - it's a hard habit to break I guess!

Initially, I had rejected the idea of going on

a pump, but now I love it. I've been on an

Accu-Chek Spirit Combo the whole time.

It comes with the Accu-Chek Expert blood

test meter. The remote control capability is

fantastic. I use the carb-calculator a lot - I

use it more now, because I've been on a

DAFNE course at Kings College Hospital.

I moved my care up there a year ago as

I needed help to get more out of pump

use as well as to better understand how

insulin itself works. The Spirit Combo is a

very usable system. Often I just pick the

pump up and do a manual bolus, as I've

worked the dose out in my head. I do this

the most if I have a FreeSytle Libre sensor

on. The trends are really handy."

Ullah's job is as a duty manager of

a leisure centre which includes a pool

where he is often on duty lifeguarding.

He says, "I've been using the Libre about

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