Diabetes kit, FreeStyle Libre CGM, Accu-Chek Combo insulin pump


Above: Martyn Ullah's alerts. Below: The FreeStyle Libre

sensor system which he relies on.

16 months I try to wear one pretty much

all the time as it helps me to do my job

better. A blood test is pretty quick but

there's so many bits and bobs you have to

get it out, do the test, then put it all away

again. With the Libra I carry the monitor

my pocket. I just get it out and swipe the

sensor. It gives a graph and shows trends;

it's all I need It means I can do my job to

the best of my ability without having my

pockets full. The sensor stays on me all

the time. Sometimes people comment

on it, as I use a Tubigrip over it just so

I don't accidentally knock it off as I do

rush around a lot, and it's quite physical.

If people get intrigued I show them the

sensor and explain it."

Life science

At university Ullah was studying sports

coaching and science. He did two years

then took a year out, but didn't go back.

"To be honest my control was fairly

rough at University," he admits, "I wasn't

looking after myself but I did start getting

to get things back under control. Doing

the DAFNE course has been important.

I wore a Libra sensor during the week

I was doing it, and by the third day my

control was perfect. DAFNE has been a

huge help. When I was diagnosed all the

information really went to my parents. I

was quite young I didn't listen as I had my

parents there to rely on. When I went on

the pump I was given more information,

but I'm not sure it was enough. I found

out more later and felt I should have been

told it back then. There was some pump

education and support but nowhere near

as thorough as doing DAFNE."

The good news is that these days Ullah

is at the top of his diabetes game. "Right

now I'm really happy on the pump along

with the Libre sensor. I recently moved my

job location. Still with the same company

but away from home. Things are going

really well. I still use the Libre sensors and

they have been fantastic; without them, I

think my blood sugars would have been

all over the place!"


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