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The HypoBand is a cold sweat alarm that

works with smartphones via Bluetooth.

You wear the band like a watch, which

works by detecting cold sweat, a

symptom of low blood glucose levels,

and sends a signal to the app on your

phone. The app can also be installed on

the phones of allocated people to make

them aware that you are having a hypo.

The HypoBand App now has a

manual threshold function, which can

be set at a lower / higher threshold to

suite the individuals circumstances. This

ensures the HypoBand will activate on

a cold sweat and has already proven to

be beneficial to some people. HypoBand

offers a 100% money back guarantee, if

the HypoBand does not work for you.

Available for a one off payment is £188.79

(incl. VAT and P&P), or pay over 12

months with a deposit of £49.99 and 11

monthly payments of £11.99.


The Accu-Chek Mobile system now has

a Limited Pink Edition. The Accu-Chek

Mobile system is one of the leading

blood glucose monitoring systems in the

UK and ROI. Since it was launched to

the market in 2009, it has made blood

glucose testing easier, faster and more

discreet for thousands of people with


Designed to enable faster, easier

and more discreet testing, the all-in-one

Accu-Chek Mobile system conveniently

combines test strip, lancets and a finger

pricker in to one sleek and extremely

easy to carry meter. The new AccuChek Mobile Limited Pink Edition is

designed to offer people with diabetes

a choice. Gonçalo Barreto, UK Head

of Marketing & Sales for Consumer &

Retail explains, "The colour pink was

chosen to convey an optimistic, vibrant

energy and was motivated by consumer

requests. The colour symbolizes love,

friendship, harmony, and confidence. It

celebrates the importance of providing

consumers with choice to suit their

personal preference."Accu-Chek Mobile

is now available in classic black or the

new pink, enabling consumers to be able

to select a meter that suits their personal

taste. It will be available from Healthcare

Professionals and to purchase from

selected pharmacies nationwide.

As part of the launch Accu-Chek

is sponsoring the training of a medical

detection puppy. Read more on p.12.


Leather Ice Medical ID is for people who

don't want an ID that screams 'condition'.

Designed by Annie Corsan, the mother

of a teenager with Type 1 diabetes, the

range includes wristbands, keyrings,

and ID Holder as well as pet ID. As not

everyone wants to wear medical ID (often

called ICE ID - 'in case of emergency'),

as they don't want to stand out from the

crowd, these are designed to be subtle,

while displaying vital and potentially lifesaving information.

Knowing that there is

a medical condition is the most important

information other people need to prompt

correct treatment should a person be

found unconscious or in trouble. These

tags also allow for details, such as name

of the person and an emergency contact

telephone number, to be written with a

permanent marker on the inside of the

wristband or on the card stored inside the

keyring. 20% of all profits will go to JDRF.


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