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"Don't let a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes

stop you from living your life to the fullest,"

was the message given by 13-year-old

Sharnford girl, Millie Hainge, when she

takes to the stage at the JDRF (Juvenile

Diabetes Research Fund) sponsored

Discovery Day being held at the National

Space Centre in Leicestershire in early

March. Millie, who was diagnosed with

Type 1 diabetes when she was nine, is

taking to the stage to share her story with

nearly 200 other Type 1 diabetics and

their families from across the Midlands.

Millie said, "Yes Type 1 diabetes is a

life threatening condition with no cure and

yes those of us living with disease have

to inject insulin for every carbohydrate we

put in our mouths but that must not stop

us from living our lives how we wish to

live. I hear terrible stories all the time from

other Type 1young people who have been

told that they can't join the cross country

running team at school or that they can't

go on sleep overs or school trip. It makes

me really cross, sure living with Type 1

means we need to be more organised and

prepared, we need to carry equipment,

insulin pens, needles, juice boxes for if we

have a low, but we can and should be able

to join in everything that someone without

Type 1 does if we wish."

An ardent Type 1 campaigner, Millie

has lobbied both the UK Parliament

visiting the Houses of Parliament and

Downing Street and last year travelled to

Washington to lobby the US Senate and

Congress to demand a fairer future for

people with Type 1 diabetes.




In an online article published in January

2016 by Stacy Lawrence, it was reported

that, 'the U.S. National Institutes of Health

(NIH) is financing what's expected to be

the largest long-term clinical study for

an artificial pancreas (AP) to regulate the

blood sugar levels in Type 1 diabetics

to the tune of $12.7 million. This is the

biggest chunk it's yet doled out as part

of a program the agency started in 2014

to promote testing of artificial pancreas

systems and which has already backed

at least three other research efforts.

The latest funding is going to TypeZero

Technologies, which licensed the artificial

pancreas prototype currently being

called 'inControl AP' from the University

of Virginia in 2013 and has since been

testing and developing applications for it.

A 240-patient, nine-site U.S. and

European six-month trial are due this year

and will lead into a second trial in a subset

of 180-patients that will be followed for an

additional six months to further test the

algorithm used. The first trial will compare

the artificial pancreas to a control of a

standard insulin pump to comparatively

assess how well blood-sugar levels

are controlled and whether the risk of

hypoglycemia was reduced.


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