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Abbott Diabetes Care took some T1 children out for a special

night under the stars.



bbott Diabetes Care

hosted a sleepover at

the London Planetarium

for 25 children living with

Type 1 diabetes. The

children were randomly selected, having

applied for a place via Abbott's Facebook

page and were allowed to bring along

a parent for an 'out of this world' night

among the stars.

After arriving, the children had dinner

then the night's activities kicked off with

Rad, an astronomer from the Planetarium,

treating everyone to an incredible show

about the planets. Then there was slime

making with a mad scientist - none

of which managed to tire them out

for bedtime. Meanwhile, the parents

met with leading paediatric consultant

Tabitha Randell to learn more about the

FreeStyle Libre system. The next morning

the children collected a certificate to

congratulate them on participating in

the first ever sleepover of Type 1s at the

London Planetarium and went home with

new friends and some happy memories.

Speaking on behalf of Abbott, Nicola

Wojciechowicz said after the event,

"We have been overwhelmed by the

response to the event with feedback from

parents telling us what spending such

time together meant to them and their

children. It was a real joy and privilege to

see a community of like-minded adults

and children come together. The children

were an energetic gang of FreeStyle Libre

users, who all understood what each

other were going through, and we learned

much from them."

The London Planetarium hosted its first sleepover for children

with Type 1 diabetes who had a fun night with astronomers

and 'mad' scientists.


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