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Members of the Obesity Health Alliance,

a campaign group which formed

last November to tackle obesity, has

expressed concern about the increased

risks to children's health caused by the

delay of the Government's Childhood

Obesity Strategy.

The Government's strategy has

already been delayed for months but the

Department of Health has confirmed that

it will not be published until the summer,

after the European referendum. With

almost two thirds of adults and almost

a third of children in the UK overweight

or obese, members of the Alliance

have warned that every day without an

effective strategy in place means that the

obesity time bomb is ticking, and that

opportunities are being missed to protect

the health and wellbeing of children and

their families.

The Obesity Health Alliance has set

out three key actions that it wants the

Government to implement in its Childhood

Obesity Strategy so that it is easier for

people to make healthier choices and live

healthier lives. This includes targets for

food manufacturers to reduce the amount

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of saturated fat, salt and added sugar in

their foods, meaningful restrictions to

reduce children's exposure to unhealthy

food and drink marketing, and a 20% tax

on sugar sweetened beverages.

Chris Askew, Diabetes UK Chief

Executive, said: "Every day that goes

by without tough new measures to

deal with the obesity crisis means that

more children are going to be at risk of

developing serious, and preventable,

health conditions in later life such as

Type 2 diabetes. Without action we will

continue to see high rates of devastating

health conditions and increased costs to

our already stretched health service."

Professor John Wass, the Royal

College of Physicians' Special Adviser on

Obesity, adds, 'The delay in publishing the

strategy is extremely disappointing, and a

hugely missed opportunity to save lives,

improve patient care and save NHS funds.'

The Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) is a

new coalition of 28 national organisations

which have come together to represent

the unified voice of the public health

sector on issues relating to overweight

and obesity in the UK.


On or around Friday 22 April, people

around the country are being asked to

hold a tea party at work or at home, to

cause a stir and raise awareness of Type

1 diabetes. Ask your friends, family or

colleagues for a donation for each cup

of tea Go to the following link to find

out more and sign up, then you'll get a

link to download the fundraising pack,

posters, invitations and bunting to help

you promote your Type 1 Tea Party.


Tea is


a good

ide a


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