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This year a

Somersetbased craft

cider maker is

celebrating their


with the launch

of Old Conky

Cider. Old

Conky not only

marks two

centuries of

Sheppy's, its

name is also an

affectionate nod

An English Wine

Tasting Tour Gift

Voucher costs £89

and includes return

travel from and to

London, vineyard

tours, wine tastings,

and lunch. All tour

members also receive

a 10% discount off

any purchases made

at the vineyards visited

where you may speak

to the wine maker

and have exclusive tastings, such as

comparing vintages. Tours run from May

to November every fortnight, with gift

vouchers being valid for a year from the

day of purchase. They can be redeemed

for any Wine Tour throughout the season.

English Wine Tasting

to another historic notable, the first Duke

of Wellington. The Duke of Wellington's

title originates from the famous

Somerset town, Wellington, close to

where Sheppy's produce their premium

cider. Famed for his victory at the Battle

of Waterloo the 'Iron Duke' was also

sometimes affectionately known as Old

Conky, thanks to his rather conspicuous

nose. Old Conky cider is a fine crafted

medium sweet Somerset cider, which is

made with traditional cider apple varieties

and a little added celebratory sparkle.


Silent Pool is a new gin produced with a

unique blend of 24 botanicals, rich and

clean, juniper-driven, with floral layers of

lavender and chamomile. The inspiration

for the gin is a pair of ancient pools located

in the Surrey Hills. Crystal clear and

cold, these pools are fed by an artisanal

spring that flows from deep within the

heart of the chalk downs. The waters

of these pools are pure, deep, and fade

from striking blue to colours of emerald

green. It was this clarity and depth that

Distiller Cory Mason set out to represent

in a gin.taking its name from the mythical,

spring-fed pool from which it draws its

water, the flagship

product is a high

quality, small batch,

artisanal spirit made

using only the finest

local ingredients.

RRP £34.99 from The

Whiskey Exchange.

Tours was founded by Nicola Boarer, who

spent many years working on the BBC

Good Food and who recently moved from

London to East Sussex. She wants to

share her knowledge of amazing English

Wines being produced only a stone's

throw away from London.


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