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Had a busy time sorting out the season? Put your feet

up and have a cup of tea. It now looks like tea can

be proven to be an important source of fluoride and

the longer you leave it to brew, the better it is for your

teeth. Tea scientist, study co-author and a member of

the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP), Dr Tim Bond, says, "Our

findings underline the health benefits of tea. Drinks

which are very sugary or acidic are a major cause of tooth decay and erosion, and

they are often a factor in obesity, too, as we tend to focus on the calories we consume

as food rather than those hidden away in drinks. Tea does not damage dental enamel

unlike sugary and carbonated drinks, acidic juice or alcohol. Instead, tea protects and

strengthens teeth. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of the average UK intake of fluoride

comes in a cuppa." There is now evidence - from a range of observational studies

backed up by laboratory and human trials - to show that regular tea consumption

is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, Type

2 diabetes, some cancers, neurodegenerative

diseases and obesity.

From citrus infusions and fruit

tisanes, to detox teas and wholesome

blends, Steenbergs has added new

flavours to its relaunched herbal tea

range, which now comes in new stylish

environmentally-friendly tea boxes,

with a clear panel at the front to view

the colourful tea combinations (pictured).

With over 30 to choose from there is one for

every mood and every time of day such as Detox

- a flavoursome blend of dandelion leaves, fennel,

peppermint, red clover and nettle to cleanse the body, or Dreamtime - a relaxing tea

that encourages sleep made from a blend of St John's wort, valerian, skullcap, lemon

balm, peppermint, elder flower, hop and marigold.

Toddlers can be fussy about trying new foods. Evolution has actually preprogrammed

them this way - it's a survival mechanism to stop little ones

eating something that could be poisonous. Nowadays this brings a new

worry, that youngsters don't develop a taste for healthy foods, which

can set the scene for a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits. But two

new snacks from Little Fruit Bowl are designed to tempt toddlers to

develop a taste for healthy fruit flavours. With zero fat or protein,

the fruit sticks do contain carbs - at around 10g per 15g portion,

but can be usefully used to bridge toddler's hunger needs in between

meals as they need fuel on a more regular basis than adults.



Most of us are aware we need to keep

an eye on our intake of omega-3s and

6s. With these essential fatty acids it's

all about striking the right balance. Most

of us don't have enough omega-3 in

our diet, but it can be hard to remember

which foods contain it. Trying to compare

these essential fatty acids is like trying

to compare a violin to a flute. Both have

different, but important, roles within the

orchestra - but if one drowns out the

other, all harmony is lost. It's the same

with omega-3 and omega-6 - we need

them both, but in a harmonious ratio.

Constant reminders about the dangers

of saturated fats may also be causing

confusion as many people do not realise

the omegas are actually fats (but 'good

fats'). Studies show they protect against

diabetes, heart disease and stroke and

there is increasing evidence for cognitive

benefits, too. Professor Michael Crawford,

director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry

and Human Nutrition says fish oils are vital

to modern life and recommends Equzen.


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