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A diabetes researcher combined science

with art to produce a powerful awarenessraising message for World

Diabetes Day

in November. Michelle Hadjiconstantinou,

a University of Leicester PhD student

and researcher based at the Leicester

Diabetes Centre, turned to her artistic

side to create a short animation aimed at

highlighting the challenges posed by Type

2 diabetes. The project, produced using

a technique called 'RSA animation' where

people draw on camera to a voiceover,

was completed as part of Michelle's

doctorate into developing web-based

interventions to improve the wellbeing of

people with Type 2 diabetes.

The film, which is based on findings


from published research and is available on

YouTube, explains what Type 2 diabetes is

and describes what happens to the body

when people get the condition, including

the physiological changes. It also looks

at how diabetes impacts on wellbeing

as well as covering medication, selfmanagement, diet, sedentary behaviour

and physical activity.

Hadjiconstantinou says, "I wanted

to make a film, which not only brought

together all of my research in a concise

manner, but also told the story pictorially

of the impact Type 2 diabetes has on

people's wellbeing. The film demonstrates

a vicious cycle - if people with Type 2

diabetes are feeling overwhelmed this

may impact their decisions in terms of

self-management and self-care, which

could then have an impact on their control

and risks for long term complications. This

could lead to poor quality of life, and poor

wellbeing overall. But the film also shows

how structured education can support

people to make informed decisions,

improving the self-management of their


Portal Financial, a Kent-based retirement

advice firm is calling for more awareness

of Type 1 diabetes as it adds to an

impressive record of generous charitable


Portal Financial was co-founded in

2009 by Jamie Smith-Thompson, then

a self-employed Independent Financial

Adviser (IFA). Now Managing Director,

he has a personal connection to Type

1 diabetes. He says, "My six-year-old

daughter has Type 1 diabetes so raising

awareness about the condition is very

personal to me. Portal Financial fundraises

for JDRF whenever we can. As an

autoimmune condition, Type 1 diabetes

is not caused or cured by diet or lack of

exercise, and serious funding is needed to

try and find a cure for it."

The latest member of the Portal

Financial team to be raising funds for

JDRF and Type 1 diabetes research is

Marketing Assistant, Claudia Hill, who will

run the 2016 London Marathon for JDRF.

This year The Lord Mayor-elect of

the City of London chose to support

JDRF in his year of office. Alderman

Jeffrey Mountevans raised money and

awareness of Type 1 diabetes in the

annual Lord Mayor's show which took

place on 14 November which was also

World Diabetes Day.

For many decades, the annual Lord

Mayor's Appeal of the City of London

has raised millions of pounds for charities

and good causes recommended by

successive Lord Mayors. Dominic

Christian, Board Director and who is

on the Lord Mayor's Appeal Board,

explained, "When my daughter was

diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, JDRF

was there to support us every step of the

way. Being named as beneficiary for the

Lord Mayor's Appeal was an invaluable

way that we can raise awareness of T1

diabetes and more money to support our

research to cure, treat and prevent the


This was the 800th Lord mayors Show -

the first took place in 1215. T1 diabetes was

the hot topic thanks to supporters of JDRF

riding a seesaw mounted on a lorry snaking

through the historic show. Karen Addington,

Chief Executive of JDRF in the UK, said:

"We chose a seesaw because life with T1

diabetes is a constant balancing act, day

and night. People with the condition have to

manage their own blood glucose levels by

doing multiple finger-prick blood tests and

injecting the right amount of insulin every

day - just to stay alive. We want to find the

cure for T1 diabetes and help people step

off the seesaw."

BBC One's live coverage of the Lord

Mayor's Show saw 13-year-old JDRF

supporter Daisie Demicoli speak to the

nation, who said of her T diabetes, "I

have it under control but it's very difficult

to manage."





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