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Natural skin care company Skin Salveation has new range of skin

Diabetics are aware of glucose tablets, gels and solutions

care products to help people suffering from dry skin conditions,

but DiaBee provides an alternative that people seem prefer.

such as eczema and psoriasis, by reducing exposure to irritants

The 100% natural grade A honey in a precise measured

and soothing dry skin complaints. The Skin Salveation range was

dose (5g) is contained in

designed by chemists to reduce exposure to irritants while also

a highly portable, robust

soothing and protecting dry and damaged skin. Products include

packages, allowing it to

Laundry Powder for Sensitive Skin (£11 for 400g/24 washes per

be carried and consumed

pack) and Eczema Treatment Soap Bar (Single Soap Bar £5 For

with ease as-and-when

75g / 4 X 75g Soap Bars £17.50). The eczema treatment soap

required. It is the perfect

contains no vigorous cleansers or fragrances and its skin enriching

instant energy to alleviate

quality greatly aids the process of repairing damaged skin helping

symptoms of hypoglycaemia.

to beat eczema and psoriasis and many other skin conditions,

Tasty, light-weight, highly

including dermatitis. The Skin Salveation range is available at John

portable with a long shelf

Bell & Croyden www.johnbellcroyden.co.uk

life, the honey itself also

provides an array of vitamins,

minerals, bioflavonoids and

anti-oxidants, and comes

in original, blackberry

blossom or mandarin spice

flavours. Three packs with

a carrytube cost £15.50

(free P&P). DiaBee sachets

also fit perfectly into Desang

kitbags, but you can keep

them in pockets, drawers

and bags.



If you’re using a Medtronic meter you are

welcome to apply for a new Contour Next

Link USB meter, which will automatcailly

‘talk’ to your pump. It comes with all

the other mod cons that sit in the USB

meter -- a colour screen, on which you

can review your last 2000 tests and see

patterns, such as daily averages, as well

as an easy download capacity. It takes

Contour Next strips (PIP Code 368-2119).

An upgrade from Bayer’s previous

meter that linked to Medtronic pumps,

you can get one free by clicking on



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