Diabetes insulin pens



ith the dawn

of mobile

p h o n e s

It’s a wrap! A Pen Trim skin makes your Novopen Flex even more flexible.

came the cult

of ‘skins’ –

ways to choose coverings for your phone

that were really ‘you’. Simple sheets of

coloured sticky plastics could be put on

your mobile to make it stand out, and

even make a statement.

In the world of diabetes care, making

equipment fun and funky is not always

a top priority with manufacturers. Items

like meters and insulin pens tended to be

distinctly on the functional side.

The fact remained, however, that most

of us like our kit to be a little less medical

and a bit more personal. The good news

is that some manufacturers picked up

on trends like ‘skins,’ offering a range of

colourful stick-on options to make your

blood test meters and pens seems a little

bit more of your life, and less of a health

statement. Here are some of the options

that are out there to inspire you!


Some insulin pen suppliers picked up

on this. Pens that were once silver,

silver or silver, started to come in gold

or teal and -- in some cases -- patterns.

Novopens from Novo Nordisk now come

in a range of patterns to help reflect your

own preferences. Then there’s the rather

smashing Humapen Savvio pens which

are classically designed but come in a

range of colours so you can pick one that

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