diabetes insulin pens and blood test meters


you like looking at each time you use

it, which is several times a day, so you

might as well like what you’re using!

Talk to your diabetes nurse about

getting a new colour pen.

Then there are the diabetics

themselves trying to make a difference.

Andy Armstrong, who has Type 1

diabetes, has created Pen Trims, a set

of easy to use wraps that fit around

Novo Flex Pens. He hopes to extend

the range shortly to fit other kinds of

insulin pen.

Tartoos from My Visual Medical are

targeted but temporary tattoos to help

you rotate your injection sites, another

little innovation that fits around your

diabetes needs.

The HumaPen Saavio’s collection of colours (above) and

the skin choices for the Accu-Chek Combo pump (below).


The other way that we now can

personalise our kit is by actually putting

in your own personal settings based on

our own medical needs – such as your

carbs-to-insulin ratios. This really is the

ultimate in kit personalisation! Things

such as ratios can be plugged into

some meters so that any onboard bolus

wizard can give us the best advice as

to what insulin dose to give ourselves.

Plus, many meters offer ways to

see trends in your blood test results

reflecting back your own daily ups and SKIN JOBS

downs and giving you information you Due to the fact that you wear a pump 24/7, of the fact that you can choose the colour

can act on to improve your control. insulin pump suppliers have caught on to of your infusion set. It’s possible to buy

That personalised kit acting as an the fact that offering a bit of choice is really various coloured skins as well as lots of

active tool to give you greater quality of appealing to their users. And it’s the users other types of carry cases for Accu-Chek’s

life. Can’t be bad! that have gone further with personalised Combo pump most of which are £15.

Bayer’s Contour Next USB meter infusion set stickers and so on. Medtronic’s range of infusion sets

(and the new Contour Next Link USB, If you have a Medtronic Minimed Veo includes the Mio which comes in either

see page 6) comes with the option of pump you can get skins for free from your blue or pink, breaking the monotony of

interchangeable skins to make it even DSN or by phoning the product support white infusion stickers on your bod.

more your own, but has options to care line. With the Animas Vibe insulin Pumpers can also get generic pump

set personal target ranges as well as pump there is a range of pump skins to carriers from places such as Funky

alarms (such as reminding you to do choose from. One is supplied free of Pumpers. Choose a pump ‘sock’ that

another test later and thereby personal charge, and you can buy more later if you

to you and your lifestyle). want to ring the changes, and that’s on top continued over


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