diabetes information, insulin pumps

Editor’s comment...

W e get used to having to cart around various

bits of diabetes kit, and it’s good to know

we can now make them more personal with

stickers and skins, many of which are the brainchildren

of the people who’ve had to use this kit day and day out

and wanted to make it more fun and funky. We have a

round up in our feature story. In the NEWS pages there’s new

information on our intake of salt, as well as our uptake of Vitamin

B and how to get more of it in your diet.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Sue Marshall




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On p.16.

Published by Desang Ltd the aim of this newsletter is to bring news and information to people living with diabetes. Please check all matters

concerning how you handle your health with your healthcare team. We welcome any feedback on the magazine or ideas for future articles.

EDITOR: Sue Marshall sue.marshall@desang.net

For details of our editorial policy see The Small Print.


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