Desang diabetes kitbags


suits you and wear it with style. Also different insulins and therefore different

see the ‘made by the mum of a diabetic insulin pens. You can choose from a ‘day’

kid’ range of pump clothing from bag (the Slim) which holds your blood

PumpTeePump which includes T-shirts testing kit and one insulin pen for daytime

with pump pockets in them. meals (short-acting insulin) or one that

carries two insulin pens in case you need

CREATIVE KIT your long-lasting insulin too (that’s the

Diabetes equipment suppliers are either Classic, which is the best-seller, despite

in the meter market, or they are in the being a bit bigger to carry the second

insulin market, which is why you tend to pen). There’s enough space inside to

get a pack for your meter, and a separate add in other bits and bobs – a nail file, a

carrycase for your insulin stuff. medical ID card, a hankie – whatever!

To a great extent, most of us who test

and inject tend to do both actions at the KIT CLUB

same time – certainly at meal times (test, It’s great that today our diabetes kit not

inject). That was why I decided to design only looks better right out of the box, but

kitbags – as a Type 1 diabetic I needed it feels less like a medical extension of

to carry my kit about with me as I did yourself, more like a part of your normal

my job, often travelling a bit around the daily life.

country. I did not want to find myself short If you treat your diabetes as part of

of blood test sensors or with a blocked your personality, you can also identify

needle on my insulin pen with no spare that aspect of yourself with medical ID.

to hand. I also wanted the blood testing Companies like the ID Band Company

and the insulin delivery bit all in one bag. does a wide range of ID bracelets which

One bag is bigger than two small ones, means that you can choose one that

but why bother with two, when you can states exactly which type of diabetes that

have one? That was the birth of the range you have.

of Desang kitbags. Making your kit more your own will Spot the kitbags! Do you

These can be personalised with your help you use it more, so don’t be shy,

own kit – we’re all on different meters, with express yourself! have one yet?

Slinky silicone skins for Bayer’s Contour Next USB meter.


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