Diabetic Christmas Presents



StOckiNG fiLLerS

Looking back over the last year, we’ve done features on tea,

coffee and chocolate – daily staples for many of us. Like

anything else we eat or drink, they might affect our blood

sugar levels. This little lot is a selection of items newly

available as part of this year’s Christmas collections.


pRomISES From the divine to the slightly more ridiculous (in terms of cost), Christmas gifts from The

East India Company are reviving a distinctly British tradition via their range of beautiful

tea caddies. In the 1700s, tea was a rare and expensive commodity. Too expensive to

risk leaving in the presence of servants, it would be stored in a Tea Caddy (derived from

the Malay word ‘kati’, which was the unit of weight by which tea was sold). Kept under

lock and key, usually in the drawing room, the Tea Caddy became an important and

fashionable accessory for the home. The East India Company brought tea to Britain and

was therefore instrumental in popularising tea in this country.

This Christmas you can get an The East India Company Tea Caddy, though prices

start from £150, however they are beautifully presented in either Leather or Burr Walnut

Chocolate producers Divine have

and hold either one or two of The East India Company’s signature tea caddies.

introduced some new products for

The Admiral’s Trunk (from £100) is a leather trunk can be filled with an array of fine teas

Christmas this year. They’ve done little

as well as coffee, chocolate, condiments, sauces, biscuits and chutneys. The Tea Caddy

Christmas trees in dark, white and milk

Cases come in either a red lacquer or wooden finish and house six of The East India

chocolate choices. Their Dark Chocolate

Company’s signature

Ginger Thins are a gift option for those

tea caddies. Choose

who like a bit of ginger zing made up of

between teas such as

chocolate squares with a soft ginger filling

Assam, Royal Breakfast

and made with Divine’s award-winning

and Earl Grey; a case

dark chocolate. Weight 200g; RRP

of the best green teas

£3.50; available from Waitrose, Oxfam

such as Directors

and Divine’s online shop. All Divine’s

Green Tea, Gunpowder

Christmas products are free from artificial

Green Tea or Earl Grey

flavourings, colourings and preservatives

Green Tea; or mix and

and are suitable for vegetarians.

match to create your


own case of tip-top


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