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if you’re still looking for

last minute gifts (or treats




A new 3-in-1 blood test meter

from Beurer. The Retivive foot

booster from Actegy.


A handy app keeps up with

for yourself), we have a

few ideas. diabetes research. Kings college

Hospital calls for volunteers. Beat


the bloat.

erry Christmas

one and all! For

those of us with

a blood sugar control disorder,

8 fooD NEWS

Some seasonal selections of foodie

any festivity or celebration can scrumminess.

be a bit of a test and a trial,

as there’s bound to be food-

aplenty, some of which will be

very sweet (as will some of the

drinks on hand, too). All the


it seems that a curry at christmas

usual rules (OK, guidelines) might become a new tradition.

apply: Christmas does not make We talk to chef Anjum Anand

diabetes go away, so steady as about the perfect spice cabinet.

she goes... Count carbs, keep

portions sensible and avoid

the really sweet treats. Have a

spoonful if you must, then stick

14 cARBS couNT:


to the nuts! Wishing you all

very happy holidays!

Seasonal faves, chestnuts and

sprouts and their carb content.

Sue Marshall

Published by Desang Ltd the aim of this

newsletter is to bring news and information

to people living with diabetes. Please check

all matters concerning how you handle

your health with your healthcare team.

We welcome any feedback on the

magazine or ideas for future articles.

Editor: Sue Marshall


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