Anjum Anand The Spice Tailor



An imagined match of the Spice Tailor’s curries to a selection of

peppery people of politics

Delicate Korma Curry...Vince Cable on the table.

Mild mannered and liked by all, but with Mangalore Herb Curry...Theresa May

the punch and class to grace any table Never less than fragrant but always

this classic dish is - like it’s political alter packing a powerful punch, this dish was

ego - a true British gem. a bit of a local secret before exploding

onto the international scene. Not afraid to

Rogan Josh...Boris Johnson make a statement and stand out from the

Bold and distinctive, this rich sauce loves crowd, this is something a little different

to take centre stage - a popular choice and would turn heads at any table.

that has made itself a household name up

and down the country. Keralan Coconut Curry....George

Osbourne Smooth, rich and an acquired

Spiced Spinach Curry....Nick Clegg taste, this luxurious creamy curry has

Often thought of a side dish, this curry been known to cause quite a stir in the

is fuelled by an injection of exotic spice fine dining world, but is able to stand up

and has the unique ability to take on to many different ingredients and can

subtly different notes depending on which present itself beautifully at any table.

ingredient you add to it...At its best when

Britain’s favourite foods, combined with powerful flavours. Original Tikka Massala...Winston

Churchill Born into riches, this truly is the

according to Spice Tailor Punjab tomato curry....Ed Milliband king of the curries - the original and the

research carried out in True to its colour, this dish is not an obvious best. Loved by people of all ages around

choice and is sometimes overshadowed, the world, this British hero dish has seen

September 2012 but behind its plain façade is a sauce that it all and is perfectly balanced to win out

can work with many different ingredients any battle of flavours - never has so much

1. Tikka Masala and is prepared to fight hard for its place been owed by so many to so few...

2. Korma

3. Beef Wellington

4. Cottage Pie Spice Tailor carb info: Carbohydrates vary depending on the sauce:

5. Toad in the hole Punjabi Tomato Curry: 7.7g

Food enthusiasts who are short of time

6. Steak and Ale Pie Spiced Spinach Curry: 6.3g

Rustic Rogan Josh: 10.2g can cooking authentic meals at home

Delicate Korma Curry: 8.4g in minutes: A pack of whole spices are

Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast (Quadrille,

Keralan Coconut Curry: 11.9g added to oil to release their essential oils, was launched in

Mangalore Herb Curry: 6.6g adding a intense depth of flavour. The

September. The Spice Tailor range is

Original Tikka Masala: 8.9g finished curry is ready in 10 minutes.

available from Waitrose, Booths, Ocado


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