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New 3-iN-1 fancy footwork

bLOOd teSt Actegy’s Revitive circulation booster has made its

meter market debut in the UK. Designed to help people

with circulation disorders, the device uses

electrical stimulation to significantly increase

The new Beurer GL50 blood test the blood flow in the feet and legs. The idea

meter boasts 3-in1 functionality – is to improve leg health and help alleviate the

a lancing device, LCD monitor on symptoms of poor circulation by stimulating

which to read your blood test results, the foot and leg muscles to increase blood flow

plus a plug-in USB from which you and reduce pain and swelling in the lower legs

can download them. Included on- and feet. An ongoing advertising campaign features

board is software, and all of htis is Sir Steve Redgrave, who’s a well-known diabetic.

housed in a ‘stick’ format. It retails at around £220 but is available with£50 off at the moment from

The meter kit enables safe,

easy, regular and timely monitoring.

You can also send info to your

health care professionals using

the meter’s built-in GlucoMemory

software through which you can

take advantage of statistical analysis,

trend analysis and graphics to

improve your therapy in consultation

with your HCP.

It’s code-free and results show

in 5 seconds. Alternative site testing

is also possible (use your upper arm

instead of a finger if you fancy), there’s

a large, easy-to-read illuminated

LCD readout and the whole thing

measures 123 x 28 x 16mm.

The Beurer GL50 3-in-1 compact

device is available from Argos in

January 2013 priced at £39.99.


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