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Artisan coffee company Weanie Beans has a range of distinctive, delicious and

quirky Christmas products with prices ranging from just £3 to £30. The company

uses only ethical and sustainably sourced products, limited use of packaging, which

is biodegradable where possible. The coffee is roasted weekly in Hackney and

collected by foot or bicycle. Items are available from the Weanie Beans website and

at London markets including Chiswick and Barnes and from the Stockroom in the

warehouse at Manor House that they call home.

Their Commuter Coffee Kit (£22) contains an Aeropress, Keep Cup, Wake Up

Coffee, and a Brew Guide Tea Towel. The Aeropress means you can make fantastic

coffee anywhere anytime, whilst the Keep Cup can be used over and over again,

reducing the need for paper coffee cups. Their coffees are from Africa (Ethiopian

Sidamo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenyan Aa Gakuyu-Ini Estate, Kenyan Peaberry, as

well as Malawian coffee). They also offer American Coffee (Peruvian, Guatemalan,

Mexican) and Asian (Old Brown Java, Sumatran Wahana Estate). They also do a

Hangover Blend.


London (Piccadilly, Harrods, Selfridges,).

Its Christmas collection includes a


Celestial Christmas Tree which is 90cm Hawkshead Relishes are award winning

tall and decorated with 36 chocolate hand-made preserves and now includes

stars of different sizes. Adorned with the new Christmas Marmalade. Also

170 almonds, 140 pistachio nuts and 25 available are Christmas Chutney, Boxing

pecans, it is an extravaganza with 22- Day Chutney, and Michaelmas Relish

carat gold small stars and sugar fairy dust (available in a triple pack). The rest of the

making the tree sparkle. It weights 3.7kg range is huge. Check out the Beetroot

and costs £750. and Horseradish Chutney, a top-seller

If you want something that you can and classic

almost fit in a stocking and won’t give combination.

your wallet a major heart attack (only a Prices start at

minor one), then they have a hand-made £2.60.

Christmas star, made with dark chocolate

and a variety of crystallised nut pieces.

Each star requires 16 meticulous steps of

assemblage and is sparkled with 22 carat

gold. Sugar fairy dust is also added to the

La Maison du Chocolat has 27 piece to imitate the sparkle of the stars.

boutique shops worldwide including Each Christmas Star is 137g and costs

Paris, Cannes, New York, Tokyo and £28.

Hong Kong including four in central


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