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ater is vital, we “People with diabetes

know that, and generally need to drink

having bits put more fluids and it is better

in our water to to drink water than other

make it more types of drink that contain

interesting, or ‘better’ for us, is attractive. calories which can lead

However, a diabetic would be well- to unhealthy weight gain.

advised to read the labels carefully. Being thirsty can also

Some of these so-called waters enhance appetite and

are laden with sugars. Hardly the no- result in eating more food

fat, sugar-free options that basic water than intended, so it is

offers. Drinking water is the healthiest especially important for

way to hydrate, according to the UK’s people with diabetes to

National Hydration Council. Water is a be well hydrated.”

macronutrient and is the only fluid we

need to hydrate when following a healthy Professor Tom Sanders, Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics and Head of the

lifestyle. Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences Division, King’s College London,

Water contains zero sugar, calories, and consultant to the Natural Hydration Council. See its

preservatives or additives; aids digestion health hydration guide below.

and metabolism; replenishes natural fluids

depleted by other diuretic drinks; and is drinks such as herbal teas, hot chocolates

a key part of the body’s cooling system. and malted drinks can provide

Despite offering so many natural health water, however if these drinks

advantages, the average Briton drinks just are sweetened with sugar it

200ml of water a day , less than one glass increases the calorie content. Healthy Adults should drink around

1.2litres (about 6 – 8 glasses)

of the 6-8 glasses of fluid (equal to 1.2 The sugar also increases their Hydration of fluid varietyday.drinks... be

from a



This can

litres) the Food Standards Agency (FSA) potential to damage teeth and

says we should be drinking daily. of course could play merry Drinking water DRINK

havoc with your blood glucose is a good choice, especially

between meals. It hydrates PLENTY

you without providing extra

levels. calories or risking harm

to your teeth.

other options Milk contains lots of

However, as part of a healthy balanced essential nutrients such as DRINK


Tea and coffee provide water

lifestyle you can consume other drinks


protein, B vitamins and calcium,

and some nutrients if drunk with milk.

PREGNANT*) Drink without sugar to limit calorie

intake. You could try decaffeinated,

herbal and other hot drinks too.

including milk, coffee, tea, fruit juice, as well as being a source of


smoothies and fizzy drinks. water. However, it can also

Milk provides water and is a


useful source of nutrients. It is

best for adults and older children BUT CHOOSE LOWER

to choose lower fat varieties. FAT VERSIONS

Drinking tea or coffee also delivers contain saturated fat and so DRINK IN

water, and contains caffeine, which can it’s a good idea for adults and MODERATION Low-calorie soft drinks

provide water without extra

calories, but can be acidic

affect hydration when consumed in above

risking harm to tooth enamel.

older children to choose semi-

average quantities. Pregnant women are skimmed (less than 2% fat), 1% Fruit juices DRINK IN

provide water and

some vitamins and minerals. One


serving even counts towards your

advised to consume no more than 200mg or skimmed milks. For children

5-A-DAY. However they also contain

sugar (and calories) and can be

acidic, risking harm to teeth.

or caffeine a day. This is equivalent to between the ages of one and

about two mugs of instant coffee or about two years, the recommended DRINK


Soft drinks that contain sugar

provide water, but they also provide

calories, usually without extra

nutrients, and can be acidic.

two and a half mugs of tea. Other hot milk is whole milk. From two AMOUNTS Having these frequently may

risk harm to teeth.

Designed by the Natural Hydration Council & advised by the British Nutrition Foundation

*It is best to have no more than 200mg of caffeine a day when you are pregnant.

continued over This is equivalent to about two mugs of instant coffee, about two and a

half mugs of tea or up to 5 cans of cola.


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