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years onwards semi-skimmed milk can

be introduced gradually. Skimmed and JUsT JUICE? NOPE!

1% milks are not suitable for children until

they are at least five years old because It might be water based, but

they have less vitamin A and are lower in the so-called water in the

calories. ‘this water’ brand can have

Fruit juices and smoothies may contain 42g of sugar per 100ml

pureed fruit, which adds fibre and can also (depending on the flavour).

count towards your 5-a-day. One 150ml Useful for treating a hypo,

glass of fruit juice counts as one portion, but not for daily drinking if

and smoothies that contain at least 150ml you have diabetes. It pays

of fruit juice and 80g crushed/pulped fruit to read the labels and see

count as two portions. Because fruit beyond the marketing.

juices and smoothies contain sugar (and

therefore calories) and can be acidic, they

can potentially harm teeth.

As we know, soft drinks usually market, with carbonates representing benefit too.

contain sugar, which adds to your calorie 43.9% of all soft drink sales, so there And now, with even water being

intake and can potentially damage teeth seems little sign of this slowing down. remarketed with added sugars, you need

if the drinks are consumed frequently. For Being diabetic means often having to to be on your guard even when it comes

anyone, let along a diabetic, it’s a good say not to stuff -- the fact that you have to the H2O you imbibe. Check the labels,

idea to limit consumption of standard to say no sometimes makes these things but keep drinking. Hydration is a vital part

sugar containing soft drinks. However, the more desirable, but if you can wean of overall health.

soft drink market in the UK is now worth yourself from hankering after drinks in

a whopping £117.2m and is growing at soda cans, you would be doing yourself Health and Performance Research

10% per year. Adult soft drinks are the a big favour, and not just in terms of your Study by Vielife, Harvard Medical School

fastest growing sector of the carbonates blood sugar levels, your entire digestive and Institute for Health & Productivity

system, starting with your teeth, would Management 2005.

Water alternatives

A few new options in bottled beverages. Lull is a lightly sparkling fruit and botanical

drink with only 43 calories per bottle, 4.1g of carbohydrate (of which sugars 4.1g).

Each bottle of contains 2000mg of botanical extracts blended to soothe mind and


body. It’s 100% natural with no added anything. It’s a slow burn GI and is therefore

diabetic friendly. £1.90 per 250ml. Qcumber is inspired by the idyll of an English

summer and blends natural cucumber essence and sparkling spring water for a

fresh flavour. Free from artificial nasties it contains 67 calories per 250ml. £2.60p

per 750ml. Coyo, a new coconut milk in five flavours is made from the white

flesh of coconut, has no added sugar, preservatives or additives. It contains 150

calories and about 5g of carb per 100g and dairy, lactose and gluten free. Made

with natural aloe ferox, a wild variety of aloe with twice the potency of aloe vera,

the What’s This? range boasts benefits of being anti-aging, reducing risk of heart

disease, cleansing the digestive system and detoxifying the body. £2.75 for 330ml. 1. Lull


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