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Two likely lads, Rod and Ben, have Rod Hall, one of the duo,

come up with a series of scrummy says, “We use beautiful full-bodied

summer and winter soups. They are Passandra cucumbers and new

wheat gluten and dairy free, and spring onions fresh from the soil as

made with veg grown organically on well as handfuls of fragrant basil that

Bickham Farm in Devon. grows in abundance here on the farm.

If you’re bored of salads and Can’t The bread in the soup is handmade

face another sandwich then try a taste at the local bakery and, of course, all

of Andalucía with the new gazpacho our ingredients are fresh and organic.

recipe from the range on offer. Served It’s tempting to think of soup as a cold

ice-cold it makes a refreshing lunch for weather lunch but in actual fact our

long hot days (if we have them). Smooth summer soups – from gazpacho and

and nutritious, this gazpacho is bursting pea and mint to asparagus – are light

with the goodness of plump sunripened and delicious and great on a hot day.”

tomatoes, cucumbers and basil, and The soup pots are 600g and have

made to a classic Spanish recipe. an RRP from £3.49 to £3.99.


The Healthy nutritionist Sarah Flower has provided

Lifestyle Diet meal plans that kids will enjoy too, and

giVeaWaY Cookbook by which can be prepared in 30 minutes or

We have x3 copies of this Sarah Flower less. The recipes are easy to follow and

cookbook to giveaway. Send works on the including invaluable tips to keep weight

your name and address to principle that out and vitality in. what you eat Nutritionist Sarah Flower is the

with ‘flower’ in the is as important author of a number of cookbooks. She

subject line.

as how much believes that by following the recipes

of it you eat in her latest book, The Healthy Lifestyle

when it comes Diet Coookbook, you can eat well, lose

to long-term weight loss. The cookbook is weight, feel better and stay that way.

for anyone who has had enough of yo-yo

diets and wants to keep their weight The book costs £14.99. We have x3

under control on a lasting basis. copies to giveaway. Contents include:

Familiar with the stresses of juggling • Eat yourself healthy

family and work with eating healthily and • Bad foods and superfoods

trying to maintain your figure, author and • Food swaps for healthier eating


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