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People who drink at least 4 cups of tea each nation’s favourite drink than we realise. With

day have a lower risk of developing type 2 its antioxidant flavonoids, black tea packs a

diabetes than non-tea drinkers according powerful punch with many health benefits.

to a new study. Chronic conditions such as And recent studies show that the flavonoids

diabetes, as well as heart and stroke, are work their magic whether or not we choose

associated with inflammatory processes to add milk. This latest research data adds

and the presence of excessive pro-oxidant further evidence to the possibility that black

free radicals in the body. The proven tea in amounts of at least 4 cups daily could

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Research

of black tea flavonoids are thought to be studies also continue to demonstrate that

responsible for the positive health effects of Tea is great for our heart health too. All in all,

black tea described. drinking four or more cups of black tea each

Commenting on this latest research, day is quite simply very good for us!”

Dr Catherine Hood from The Tea Advisory

Panel notes, “There is far more to the See our hydration feature on page 8.


who ate the least rice. However, rice Kwai Heart Care garlic supplements help

consumption alone may not be the only to reduce the risk of heart disease. It has

factor in the Asian increase in diabetes. an antioxidant effect, an anti-inflammatory

According to Qi Sun, PhD, of Harvard effect and affects a reduction in the build up

University, the transition to a less active of arterial plaque as well as a vasodilation

lifestyle and greater availability of food effect to widen arteries. Not only that, it

may make the Asian population more lowers LDL cholesterol, which is linked

susceptible to the adverse effects of to heart disease. All of this is due to Kwai

consuming quantities of white rice. Sun having the right amount of the active

also pointed out that people need to ingredient in garlic, Allicin.

pay attention to everything they eat and Kwai Heart Care retails at £5.10 for 30

An examination of several studies that not focus only on a single food. White one a day tablets from Boots.

included a total of 350,000 people has rice increases blood sugar more than

linked high consumption of white rice otherwhole grains, largely due to the

with an increase in type 2 diabetes. A way it is processed.

comparison of the studies that were Brown rice was not part of this study.

conducted in China and Japan, where The study concluded that even among

white rice is a staple, indicated that people who don’t eat a lot of white rice

people there were 55% more likely to eating a great deal of the grain may

develop the disease than Asian people modestly increase the risk of diabetes.


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