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Anish Patel from Edgeware and his

cousin Paresh Patel (pictured above) from

Wembley are taking on a cycle challenge

to fundraise for Diabetes Research &

Wellness Foundation (DRWF). They are

taking on the Global Adventure Challenge

London to Paris cycle ride from 20th

to 24th July 2016 finishing in Paris just

before the finale of the Tour de France.

"I am so proud to take on this

challenge and support DRWF" says

Anish Patel, "I was diagnosed with Type 2

diabetes in 2014. I've made some pretty

big life changes and was given the 'all

clear' after 6 months. However diabetes

is quite common throughout our wider

family, and Type 2 is more prevalent

amongst the Asian community, so we

are both keen to continue to improve our

fitness and take on a wonderful challenge.

If we can raise as much money as possible

to help a very worthy cause the challenge

will be very worthwhile."

Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East, made

comments about the Leicester Diabetes

Centre during a debate about diabetes

care which took place in March at the

House of Commons. The politician,

who has Type 2 diabetes and is Chair

of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for

Diabetes, said, "In my own constituency,

we are very fortunate to have not only the

best football team in the country… but

the Leicester Diabetes Centre, a centre


of true excellence in diabetes care. It is

one of the largest facilities in Europe for

clinical research into diabetes."

The MP said Type 2 diabetes was one

of the "most important health challenges

facing the NHS and indeed the world"

and once again pledged his support for a

sugar tax. Vaz also founded the diabetes

charity Silver Star in 2007 and is also an

active and passionate supporter of fellow

charities Diabetes UK and JDRF.

Bariatric surgery can be effective at

putting Type 2 diabetes into remission,

and the effects are often seen almost

immediately post-surgery, which is long

before the patient loses any significant

weight. Researchers funded by Diabetes

UK at the University of Oxford, together

with colleagues in Norway, have identified

the role of a key gut hormone called PYY

in restoring normal blood glucose levels

in people with Type 2 diabetes following

bariatric surgery.

During experiments in the laboratory,

the team found that bariatric surgery

reverts islets (regions of the pancreas

that secrete hormones) back into working

order. The surgery brought the function of

both alpha and beta cells within the islets

back to normal: beta cells secrete the

hormone insulin and alpha cells secrete

the hormone glucagon.

Dr Reshma Ramracheya, lead


IN REMISSION Diabetes UK researcher based at the

University of Oxford, explained, "Research

has mostly focused on the importance of

beta cells and insulin secretion in Type 2

diabetes, but that's just part of the story.

The fact that alpha cells - and glucagon

secretion - are also affected goes some

way to completing the equation."

The team initially considered that

a gut hormone called GLP-1 was the

driving factor of the beneficial effects of

bariatric surgery. However, a different

gut hormone, called PYY, was found at

higher levels in the blood after the surgery.

When they tested this further in the lab

using diabetic islets, they found that longterm treatment

with PYY could restore the

faulty islet function.

These findings may lead to the

development of therapies that can put

Type 2 diabetes into remission without the

need for surgery.


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