The Black Farmer Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones


Who is...

The Black Farmer?

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones was

born in Jamaica and came to

the UK at a young age and was

raised in inner city Birmingham.

He left school without gaining

any qualifications. He worked

as a chef before pursuing a

career in the BBC, becoming a

producer/director on food and

drink programmes. He is credited

with bringing many of the

top celebrity chefs to the small

screen including Gordon Ramsay,

Antony Worrall-Thompson

and James Martin. Later he

founded a food and drink marketing

agency in London then

in 2000 he bought a small farm

on the Devon/Cornwall border,

and eleven years ago launched

The Black Farmer gluten free

food brand. These products are

now available in all major retailers including award-winning

gluten free sausages various

other meats as well as eggs and

cheese. In September 2009 he

launched his first The Black

Farmer Cookbook (published

by Simon & Schuster).

"It is so exciting to be working with

a group of students from Lancaster

University on this project, which in itself is

fascinating," he says, "They have a fresh

approach and are as enthusiastic as I am

to find out more. I'm sure they will come

up with some interesting and revealing


Farm fresh

In the meantime, a quick tour of the current

Black Farmer branded goods will show

you a range of meat products, especially

pork, as well as some other additions.

Clearly, most of these products would not

have any gluten in them anyway, wuch as

cheese and eggs, but sometimes flour

(and therefore gluten) might be in foods

such as sausages, so as a brand this

stands out as being reliably gluten-free.

The Black Farmer's innovative Roast

in the Bag Sage & Onion Pork Loin

Joint is the brand's first move into the

convenience sector. A second 'Chilli &

Garlic' flavour variant was launched in

March of this year. Using the latest roast

in bag technology this ready-seasoned

loin joint is oven-ready. A technology well

tested and understood in the chicken

category, The Black Farmer product is the

first branded entry into the pork category.

"Consumer research indicates that a real

barrier to purchasing pork is driven by

lack of cooking confidence and the fear

that the roast will be dry or tough and

bland," says Emmanuel-Jones, "This

product addresses and overcomes all of

those issues and, as with all our products

we are using only British RSPCA assured


It's another pork product that tops the

polls for The Black Farmer fans. The brand

asked its fans to choose a new sausage

flavour, 'pulled pork' romped home with

over 40% of the vote. Now available in

Sainsbury's, Co-Op and Budgens stores.

"Pulled pork is very much the product

of the moment,' says Emmanuel-Jones,

'But I believe we are the first to combine it

in a sausage. The flavour is outstanding,

and very, very moreish!"

The Black Farmer's Sweet Mature

Cheddar Cheese is the brand's first

dairy product and is currently available in

selected Asda stores. it uses 100% British

milk and is made using the traditional

craft of 'cheddaring' by hand-piling and

turning the curd. And The Black Farmer's

eggs are, according to EmmanuelJones, "really

exceptional quality eggs,

and hugely popular with cake and pasta

makers. But for me it's an everyday treat

to have such a deep, rich yolk. So if you

like a simple boiled egg or want to whip

up a sponge, the colour and flavour are





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