the ADAPT trial type 1 diabetes prevention, Dr Terence Wilkin


safety and whether the trial design works,

whether the medication can reduce beta

cell stress, and how many participants will

be needed to progress the study. If the

trial medication is found to lower beta cell

stress effectively, the children in stage 1

will progress into the next stages of the


"It is possible that a modern

environment accelerates the loss of

beta cells by overworking and stressing

them," continues Professor Wilkin. "As a

consequence, this could be contributing

to the rising incidence of Type 1 diabetes,

which is appearing in ever younger age

groups. adAPT will use a medication to

protect the beta cells from the stress, so

that they survive longer. If successful, the

trial will offer a means of preventing Type 1

diabetes with a cost-effective medication,

and could be made immediately available

to children at risk."

Professor Wilkin is carrying out the

research in collaboration with Professor

Stephen Greene of the University of

Dundee and the Tayside Clinical Trials

Unit. The trial is launching in Scotland

because the country has the third highest

rate of Type 1 diabetes in the world

and has a highly efficient record linkage

system to identify affected families.

Taking part

Cale Hutcinson has chosen to sign up for

the adAPT trial after seeing how type 1

diabetes has affected his father, Mike. He

says, "I have always been aware that my

dad had diabetes, He has an insulin pen

and has to inject himself three times a day

so a lot of the time if we're going out he

has to do that first as it helps manage his

diabetes. He had a hypo one time a few

years ago when I was staying with him and

it was weird and scary because he wasn't

acting the way he normally would. I was

at the hospital for a doctor's appointment

and my mum noticed the poster for the

adAPT trial on the wall. We read it and

obviously fitted the bill perfectly, so I said

To find out more about the

trial or to get involved go to

the website:

I would take part. I want to help prevent

other people getting diabetes but I also

want to know if I am likely to get diabetes.

It's not something that worries me as

such but it is something at the back of

my mind and it would be good to know

if I was no more likely than my friends to

develop diabetes. I would say that other

kids and teenagers who are able to take

part should do because if you can help

prevent this illness then that's something

you should do."

Hoping for change

Fiona Robertson was three years old

when she was diagnosed with Type 1

diabetes in 1984. She recalls, "I was

playing the chief angel in a nativity. My

gran was watching with my mum who, for

some reason, mentioned that all I did was

drink and pee. Gran instantly recognised

them as symptoms of diabetes and from

my stage debut I was taken straight to

the GP and then into hospital. My mum

never said I couldn't do anything but there

is always concern about whether I have

enough food if I am going anywhere and

whether the people I am with would know

how to deal with the situation if I had a

hypo. My sister had to learn to recognise

the symptoms of a hypo and go and get

our mum. I suppose it was quite a burden

for her when she was only little herself. I

was given an insulin pump two years ago

and it has made things so much better but

I still have to be cautious about exercise

in case I bring on a hypo. It's great that

this trial is focusing on preventing Type 1

diabetes in the future."

Type 1 diabetic Fiona Robertson is asking people to take part

in the trial.


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