My diabetes kit Mel Stephenson



As an international

competitor in athletics,

Mel Stevenson can

certainly be said to be

running on insulin.

Developing diabetes was certainly a

factor in Paul's decision to take this on.

He says, "I wanted to prove that I could

manage it, rather than sit at home and

let the condition limit what I could do. I

had great support from the diabetes team

at Derby, and was lucky enough to get

a place on the DAFNE course shortly

before the trip. The advice from the

DAFNE course, as well as information on

the Runsweet website, were invaluable in

ensuring the success of the trip. Nipro

Europe also deserve a special mention

for their help and support. Not only did

they provide me with a lightweight and

compact TRUEyou mini meter, but they

also provided generous sponsorship

in the form of a waterproof cycling

jacket and donated to the charities I am

supporting. The TRUEyou mini meter

was smaller, lighter and simpler to use

than my previous one. Weight is definitely

a key factor when you are carrying all your

diabetes kit around and having to push it

up hill on a bike!"

The challenge brought back fond

memories for Paul, who had originally

cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats

25 years ago (remarkably, using the same

bike, but via a different route) to raise money

for sustainable development charity Raleigh


International. Paul says, "I am eternally

grateful for the experience Operation

Raleigh gave me in my youth. Then 18

months ago I lost my friend and work

colleague Andy to bone marrow cancer.

These events and experiences make me

feel grateful for the opportunities I have had

and even for the recent challenges to my

own health. They have motivated me to

raise money to support charity work."

Paul's route took him from Cornwall

and the west country, along Britain's

longest river - the River Severn -- and

into Wales, then it was on through

Cheshire and Cumbria before finally

reaching Scotland. He continued through

to Glasgow, passed Loch Lomond and

Inverness, and cycled along the north

coast before finally arriving at John

O'Groats. He remembers, "The worst

bit was definitely the endless hills of

of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and then

Dartmoor in Devon. I had forgotten

just how lumpy these two counties are

and was still building my fitness and

stamina in these early stages. The best

bits were meeting people along the way,

the fabulous scenery and the many

messages of encouragement I received

from friends and family in feedback to my

online diary."

Paul is on insulin and uses NovoPens

for both slow-acting and fast-acting

insulin injections. He carried all his

diabetes kit in his bicycle paniers. All the

extra diabetes paraphernalia was a bit of


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