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Diabetic blindness could be reversed

with eye injection according to an

article in the Telegraph, the first new

treatment for people with proliferative

diabetic retinopathy (PDR) in 40 years.

Researchers said that injections of the

drug ranibizumab improved sight when

compared to traditional treatments and

prevented further deterioration.

PDR is a leading cause of vision loss

in patients with diabetes and the standard

treatment has been laser surgery which

can result in loss of peripheral vision

and difficult seeing at night. The new

treatment allowed patients to keep their

peripheral vision while improving central

sight. Within 20 years of diagnosis nearly


The number of people living with diabetes

in the UK has tipped over the 4 million

mark for the first time, according to new

figures from Diabetes UK.

The new figures, extracted from GP

patient data and published in January

2016, show that there are now 4.05

million people with the condition in the

UK, which includes 3.5 million adults

who have been diagnosed, an increase

of 119,965 compared to the previous

year, and an increase of 65 over the past


There are also thought to be about half

a million people who have undiagnosed

Type 2 diabetes in the UK.

Parents are being encouraged to sign up

for a free app which tells them the sugar

content of food and drink. The new 'Sugar

Smart' app from Public Health England

works by scanning the barcode of

products to show the total sugar content

in sugar cubes (or in grams), aiming to

help parents take control of their children's

sugar intake. Being overweight as a child

also increases the risk of serious health

problems in adulthood including Type 2


Dr Alison Tedstone, Chief Nutritionist

for Public Health England, explained,

"Children aged five shouldn't have more

than 19 grams of sugar per day - that's

five cubes, but it's very easy to have

more. That's why we want parents to be

'Sugar Smart'."

Diabetes UK has also highlighted the

urgent need for the Government to put a

number of measures in place to help tackle

the national obesity crisis. Chris Askew,

Diabetes UK Chief Executive, commented,

"Diets that are high in sugar are fuelling the

rise in obesity, and in turn the dramatic


rise in Type 2 diabetes, a serious health

condition that can lead to devastating

complications. With the average child

consuming three times the recommended

daily amount of sugar, the need for action

has never been more urgent."

Although supporting the app, Askew

feels it's not enough, and went on to

say, "The app alone is not enough to

achieve the reduction in sugar intake

we need to see across the population.

We need to see the Government act on

recommendations made by Public Health

England, including restricting marketing

of unhealthy foods to children, reducing

and rebalancing the number of price

promotions offered on unhealthy foods,

implementing a clear and transparent

programme for reformulating unhealthy

foods and reducing portion sizes. It must

also introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks

to reduce consumption. People also need

to be supported to undertake regular

physical activity and supported to choose

healthier foods, including through a clear

and consistent food labelling system."

all people with Type 1 and almost two

thirds of people with Type 2 diabetes

(60 per cent) have some degree of eye


The new research was presented at

the American Academy of Opthalmology.


The latest issue of Discovery,

the magazine from JDRF, is

available now (click the pic!).


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