Input Diabetes


We talk to a deputy procurement director in the NHS about insulin

pump and sensor funding in terms of short-term benefits Vs long-term

goals in diabetes care. By Sue Marshall



ayne Sexton

has Type 1

diabetes and

is on an insulin

pump. He's also

a deputy director of Procurement at a

large hospital Trust which is a centre

of excellence for pumps, although he

attends a diabetes clinic in another Trust

for his own healthcare. He's one of many

people with diabetes who work in the

NHS, but as he works in procurement,

we thought we'd quiz him about what

he thinks the NHS should be doing and

what can be done to improve access to

advanced technology for the treatment of

diabetes. Here he is speaking for himself,

not on behalf of the Trust he works for.

What's it like working in

Procurement for the NHS?

The NHS is big and unwieldy and it's

complex. People have an idea that it's

the commissioners who decide who has

what equipment - things like pumps and

sensors. But procurement as a function

within the NHS is to ensure that taxpayers money

is well spent and that what

the trust is doing is compliant in legal

terms. Procurement does not say what is

or is not available, or if a person is or is not

suitable for something like pump therapy,

it's the Clinical Team that decides.

People also assume that because I

have diabetes and I work in procurement

that I can order what I like for myself. That's


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