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very far from the truth! I fought for years to

get a pump, and I still can't get funding

for sensors to go with it. Put really simply,

I want everyone to have everything that

they need, but I also have to defend how

we spend money. I believe in the NHS.

I love working in it, although there is no

actual NHS - each Trust is independent

and operates with its own profit and loss,

and a Foundation Trust has more flexibility

than non-Foundation Trusts.

The numbers are big - the Trust I

work for has an annual turnover of almost

£1bn. Each Trust is run as a business and

they are all run differently, which is why

services vary.

We keep hearing about cuts in

the NHS, and that people can't

get funding for pumps. Why?

The latest challenge from current

politicians is to save £22bn by 2020,

known as the Nicholson Challenge (see

right). Meanwhile, the Government has

promised £8bn - which means that overall

it will keep us equal to today's budget but

with no new investment. The Trust I work

for has to save £43m in this financial year


One sector I pay close attention to

is what we call Insulin Delivery Systems

(or IDS). From a procurement point of

view, there are only a few suppliers in this

sector - Medtronic, Roche, Ypsomed,

and a few others. Roughly, the insulin

delivery systems do much the same thing.

The NHS seems to continue to work on

a 12-month basis in terms of budgets,

yet people with diabetes average several

decades of living with the condition.

Added to that, often we - as people with

diabetes - feel that we're viewed only in

terms of our HbA1c result and that we're

not considered as a person.

Are we as customers (or patients)

the focus of the NHS? It's hard to think

so sometimes, but there are now more

people who are working within the system


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