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A colder turn in the weather and a range

of compelling promotions saw sales of

winter classics rise at Waitrose, driving

sales growth of 2.5% (excluding fuel).

Warming meals were high up on shopping

lists as sales of stuffing and Yorkshire

puddings were up 13% and soup sales

(pictured) rose by 6%. Wines, beers and

spirits also had particularly strong sales, as

expected before Christmas, with Spanish

wines up 99% and Portuguese wines up

84%. There were also upward trends in

tequila sales and a revival of vermouth is

continuing, with sales up 9%. The first

sushi bar in a UK supermarket opened

at Waitrose Nine Elms, Battersea, and is

already proving popular.

Somerset egg



Farm, has

got healthy

snacks, guiltfree

treats and


starters sewn up with its Foraging Free

quails' eggs, part of its multi-award

winning Free Collection. Each dainty egg

contains just 14 calories and is packed

full of vitamins and minerals, offering an

impressive list of health benefits ranging

from strengthening the immune system

to increasing brain activity. With freerange eggs widely recognised

as offering

superior nutritional value, Blackacre's

commitment to freedom and fresh air for

its resident chicks means that its quail's

eggs have a healthy hit, helping to alleviate

allergies, prevent kidney stones and even

balance cholesterol. Foraging Free quails'

eggs are sold in packs of six (RRP £1.75)

or 12 (RRP £2.50) and are available from

good independent delis, farm shops,

butchers and grocery stores in the UK.

The great British after-dinner cheeseboard

is in danger of becoming a thing of the

past, according to a new study from

British savoury snack-maker Jacob's.

Its report revealed that two thirds of the

UK (65%) prepares a cheese board just

once a year or less, and one in ten (9%)

rarely keep more than one type of cheese

in the fridge at a time. The report found

that Londoners are four times as likely

to know about obscure British varieties

such as Ticklemore, and those from the

South West are 49% more likely than

average to spot a Stinking Bishop with

ease. In response to the findings, Jacob's

is celebrating the 130th anniversary of

its iconic, Jacob's Cream Cracker by

creating an epic 40m cheeseboard - the

longest ever cheeseboard - set to inspire

a new generation with the simple joys

of perfectly paired cheese and crackers

(pictured). Stretching the length of Tower

Bridge Walkway in London, the Jacob's

Longest Ever Cheeseboard grand feast

featured a range of specially developed

cheese and cracker pairings.

Top 10 Most-Recognised

British Cheeses (well, top 11)

1. Cheddar

2. Stilton

3. Red Leicester

4. Wensleydale

5. Double Gloucester

6. Cheshire

7. Caerphilly

8. Lancashire

9. Stinking Bishop

10. Cornish Brie

11. Cornish Yarg


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