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Cheeky Cow cheese brand is the

healthiest available alternative to full fat

cheddar from Cricketer Farm's group of

independent Somerset and Devon dairy

farmers run by MD Greg Parsons.

Four years in the making and 18

months since Cheeky Cow first hit

supermarket shelves across the South

West, customers are once again eating

cheese having previously cut cheese out

of their diet over concerns of high fat levels.

Cheeky Cow delivers 17% more protein

and calcium than a standard cheddar

per 100g, with the newly-launched recipe

containing 30% less salt too.

Not everyone is convinced about

healthy cheese though which is why

Parsons and his team have undertaken

a 'Cheeky On Tour' road trip around the

South West. He says, "It's easy to bash

healthy cheese but taste and texture

have moved on in leaps and bounds over

the last decade. We're proud to be at

the sharp end of this market, producing

a cheese that genuinely tastes good

and one that can be used in everyday

recipes and meal preparation. We're

making it easier for families, cheese

lovers and dieters alike to reduce their

household calorie consumption without

compromising on taste - a cheeky bit of

health by stealth!"

Made from a blend of West Countrysourced

Friesian and Channel Island

cow's milk, Cheeky Cow is the result

of extensive product development and

investment by Cricketer Farm.


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