Jason Freedman Curiously Kentish the Minnas type 2 diabetes



he Minnis has recently

been selected as one

of the county's top

dining destinations that

will represent the best

of Kent in the new edition of the new

Relish South East cookbook. The new

edition has 10 pages on The Minnis.

The restaurant began life as a beachside

café in 1934. It enjoys unparalleled

views over the Kent shoreline with views

across Minnis Bay and the Roman fort

at Reculver, where the Barnes-Wallace's

bouncing-bomb was tested.

Jason Freedman, the owner/proprietor

of the award-winning Minnis has taken

care to create a healthy menu, explaining,

"I'm a chef, and it hasn't been easy but I've

lost three stone over a two-year period,

largely by switching to a Mediterranean

diet. There is strong evidence that this

diet lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes as

well as other conditions such as stroke,

Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's and

hypertension. Our menus now strongly

rely on pulses, fresh vegetables and

whole grains supplemented with fish,

seafood, pasta and a few options for a

small amount of red meat. We also serve

wines and water rather than spirits and



sugar-laden carbonated drinks. A glass

or two of red wine is good for digestion."

Freedman has now opened the

Curiously Kentish Delicatessen and Café

with head chef Kevin Faux in response to

customers wanting to buy the home-cured

produce for which it is renowned. Says

Freedman, "Type 2 diabetes is a disease

of a modern lifestyle and is partly a result

of the availability of highly processed,

carb-laden foods. At Curiously Kentish,

we use curing methods that the Romans

introduced to these shore two thousand

years ago, methods which do not use

sugar but retain the taste and nutrients of

the foods being cured using salt and/or


In addition to selling its own, salted,

smoked, brined and pickled meats,

fish and seafood plus salads, deli

accompaniments, sauces, Curiously

Kentish also sells artisan foods produced

in Kent, including cheese, pasta, rice,

sauces, speciality oils, vinegars, syrups,

herbs and a host of delicatessen fine

foods. "We will also be preparing 'ready

meals' to take away and re-heat at home,

which will be pre-announced, to allow

healthy meal planning," says Freedman.


Top left, chef Jason Freedman, Curiously Kentish bar and

cafe, its cured foods and the cover of the new cookbook

that features it's recipes.

Modern menus from a Kent-based cafe

use ancient arts for healthy foods.


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