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Lots of food news in this issue,

from a gluten-free bakery to a

healthy chedder and a sugar

and sweetener-free soft drink

with Japanese inspiration, p.8. Sue Marshall


The new Insight pump system from

Accu-Chek addresses the need for

increased connectivity as part of

the solution to improving diabetes

care. Read more on p.10. Diet is so important to diabetes control and the

rise of the diagnoses of the condition is arguably

helping to raise awareness of the importance of

diet to the wider (and growing wider) population. We speak

to a chef who's refined his menus thanks to the need to

lose weight himself, having faced the risk of develping T2.

We also look at a bakery with entirely gluten-free goods.

Knowing what's in your food, how it will affect your blood

sugars, and regularly doing blood tests is already a lot to do

and keep track of, then there's doses of meds and tracking

exercise (or not!). It's a job in itself keeping track of it all.

Thankfully newer technologies are based on do just that for

you. Find out more about Accu-Chek's approach on. p.10.

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But business as usual is best for

diabetics at Christmas





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It's a teeny-tiny pseudocereal, but

quinoa packs a mighty punch.

This ancient grain is gaining

in popularity, for good reason.

Find out more on p.18.



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