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Researchers at London's Royal Free

Hospital have found the immune

system cell responsible for triggering

the destruction of insulin-producing cells

in Type 1 diabetes. Their finding could

lead to new treatments that target this

triggering process, potentially offering a

way to cure or even prevent the condition.

Type 1 occurs when the body's own

immune system, which is meant to fight

off diseases, attacks the cells in the

pancreas that make insulin. Previous

research has found that T cells, part of the

immune system, are behind the attack,

but this is the first time researchers

have identified the specific kind of T cell


The London team, led by Professor

Lucy Walker, studied T cells from people


with and people without Type 1. They

found that samples from people with

type 1 contained much higher levels of

molecules associated with a kind of T cell

known as a 'follicular helper T cell'.

These cells have previously been

implicated in other autoimmune conditions

such as lupus, but this is the first time they

have been identified as being behind the

autoimmune attack in Type 1.

"Knowing more about the type of T

cell that causes type 1 is definitely good

news for future treatments" said Professor

Walker. "It provides us with a new way of

thinking about the cells that are causing

the problem, and may allow us to develop

different ways of interfering with them."

The study was published in the

Journal of Clinical Investigation.


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