New diabetes management equipment


DreaMed's GlucoSitter technology has

just gained CE accreditation, although

it will not be commercially available for

a while. Based on an artificial pancreas

algorithm, GlucoSitter is intended to

integrate within an insulin pump or be

operated via a dedicated handheld

device. It uses input data from a CGM the

sensor worn by the diabetic and analyzes

it, then commands the pump to deliver

the correct dose of insulin (and at the

right time). By monitoring glucose levels

around the clock, it can precisely define

when and how to adjust insulin levels.

DreaMed Diabetes was established

in 2014 to commercialize the company's

closed-loop solution for patients with T1

and T2 diabetes. The company states,

"We understand clinical practice and

strive to close the gap between patients

and their optimal glycemic control. Our

vision is to create a viable solution that

empowers insulin dependent patients

to make the right decisions on how to

handle their diabetes control."



For more on technology that talks, see our feature on p.10.


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