new diabetes management kit


in the future Diasend will be used as the

industry standard for data transfer. A

patient should be able to get data into

Diasend from anywhere, making it a 'virtual

clinic'. Both HCPs and many diabetics

know the value of seamless data transfers

- it means being able to easily spot trends,

and easily communicate this information

either from HCP to patient or the other

way around. This information is often

'locked' into meters, pumps and CGMs

but sharing, accessing and understanding

this information by using Diasend will lead

to the best care outcomes.

Diasend personal software is

compatible with both PCs and MACs and

is the only system that lets multiple devices

input their data into one system. Diasend

is compatible with more than 100 devices.

These devices include glucose meters,

insulin pumps and continuous glucose

monitors (CGMs). It now also allows you

to choose to link to various activity tracker

systems including Fitbit, Up by Jawbone,

Nike+ FuelBand, Moves and Runkeeper.

For the full list of compatible devices for

Diasend Personal (for home uploading)

click here.

Wise glucose

Recent miniaturisation efforts in wireless

technology have paved the way for the

development of unobtrusive medical

devices that can be included in the

clothing or on the surface of the human

body to provide 'always on' connectivity.

These constantly connected devices can

transmit information via base stations and

smartphones directly to the patient or to a

medical expert over the internet providing

immediate diagnosis and feedback.

MediWise is currently developing a

wearable non-invasive glucose sensing

system called GlucoWise that clips-on to

the ear and transmits the patient's glucose

levels. The device provides a 'set-it-andAbove

and below: a prototype of Glucowise, a non-invasive

device (that means no finger pricking!) along with the likely

reader (bottom) for translating the data.

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