New Advantage blood test kit to launch in the UK


Can a new blood test brand break into the UK market? We speak

to the meter's designer and ask, why now?


Fve years ago Roger Lai

started up his company,

Broadmaster Biotech,

and is now looking to

bring a new range of

meters into Europe working with UK

distributor Diabetes Care Technology and

starting with a launch of the Advocate

blood test meter in the UK early 2015.

The big question is why? On the face of it,

it's not a particularly new or funky-looking

meter and it's coming into a crowded

market place - there's something like 40

meters already available in the UK.

"That may be so," says Roger, "but

the fact remains that the testing of the

accuracy of our meter has been rigorous

and it matters because not all meters are

what they appear. Some give 'happy'


By that he means that it's a bit like

going shopping, and you might prefer to

go to the shop where you happen to fit

into a smaller size because their labels

are what you might refer to as 'forgiving'.

Says Lai, "The point is that our meters

are proven to be accurate and have

been benchmarked against industry

standards. I've done so much metertesting that I know the

positioning of each

brand in terms of whether or not it reads

too high or too low. You can infer that a

consequence of inaccurate readings,

especially a meter giving 'happy' readings

is that these could lead in the long term to

diabetes complications."

The ISO standard is like a CE mark -

you have to meet it or else you should

not be given one of those meters. The

YPI* It is a standard as regards blood

test meter accuracy for ISO standards.

The ISO standard was 15% either above

or below the YPI, and it now has to be

10% either way. Says Lai, "The Advocate

meter already qualifies for the European

ISO, however I do think there was a need

to bring in a tighter standard, so it's a

good thing that it has happened."

Health reforms

Before starting his own company in

the diabetes arena Lai's background

was in mathematics and data analysis

including work for Pfizer and other

big pharmaceutical companies which

sparked his interest in the medical device

market. He says, "While I was working

for these companies I heard a lot of

feedback from users about diabetes kit

and I grew to understood the cost of daily

diabetes care, from self-care to inpatient

and outpatient care. I saw an opportunity

to improve what was already available. I

worked on a wish list for the meter and

commissioned it."

He has chosen Diabetes Care

Technology as his partner in the UK.

Diabetes Tech previously introduced the

Needlebay range to the UK, along with

a pen needle offering, and which wants

to expand in the diabetes arena. Lai has

already launched in America where the

Advocate meter range now accounts

for two out of the 20 blood test meters

Roger Lai, above, and his

Advocate meter, right.


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