Counting carbs for the diabetic diet


Most of us have been fam

up without them rolling of

and abundant in wintertim



ost of us have

been familiar

with peas since

childhood, and

have finally

found the skills to scoop them up

without them rolling off our cutlery and

bouncing all over the floor. It's just as

well, as they're a fab food.

Our fondness of peas may be DNAdeep, as

the oldest pea ever found was

nearly 3,000 years old and discovered

on the border of Burma and Thailand.

While that pea was inedible, green peas

are one of the most nutritious leguminous


Green peas are winter crops. Fresh

peas are readily sold from December

until April in the markets. Green-peas

are at their best soon after their harvest

since much of sugar content in the seeds

rapidly converted into starch. If you have

to store at all, place them in the vegetable

compartment inside your fridge, set at

high relative humidity where they keep

fresh for 2-3 days. Frozen peas can be

stored for several months.

Peas contain no fat, no cholesterol

and almost no sodium. Peas flaunt

twice the protein of most vegetables,

so they're the ideal substitute for fattier

protein sources, therefore helping

control your fat intake. Their iron content


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