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The US Food and Drug

Administration (FDA) has approved

AstraZeneca's Xigduo XR, a oncedaily tablet that merges the recently

approved drug dapagliflozin with

metformin. Dapagliflozin, a product

of AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers

Squibb, was approved by the FDA in

January 2014. It works by blocking

the absorption of excess glucose

by the kidneys, so sugar is released

through urine. Metformin, believed to

be the most widely used medication

to treat diabetes, particularly Type

2 diabetes, works by suppressing

glucose production by the liver.

Xigudo XR is already approved to

treat T2 diabetes in Australia, and a

similar version just called Xigduo has

been available in Europe since earlier

this year (2014). Gaining access to

the US market will be a shot in the

arm for AstraZeneca.

A study has shown that high-fructose

corn syrup can promote diabetes and

obesity by over-stimulating hormones that

regulate the accumulation of fat. Harvard

Medical School identified a hormone

known as fibroblast growth factor 21 (or

FGF21) that is thought to rise consistently

and sharply as a response to fructose

consumption. Researchers believe that

some people may be especially sensitive

Eating more meals at home could

lower your risk of obesity, according

to researchers from Queens College,

City University, New York, who found

that those who frequently dined out -

especially those who ate fast-food meals -

had a higher risk of becoming overweight

or developing high cholesterol.

In a study of more than 8,300 adults,

those who ate six or more meals a week

away from home not only had a higher

body mass index, and lower good

cholesterol, but also had lower blood

concentrations of key nutrients including

vitamins C and E. Women and those

over 50 were more likely to develop the

negative health effects, researchers said,

even though men were more likely to

dine out. Reasons for this may include

larger restaurant portion sizes as well

as increased fat, sodium and calories

in restaurant meals compared to meals

made at home. Fast-food meals are

also less likely to include whole grains

or nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables

compared to at-home meals.

"Away from home meals are known to

be energy-dense and of poor diet quality,

and have been implicated as contributors

to higher body weight and adverse health

outcomes," wrote the research team,

headed by Ashima Kant.

The study appeared in the International

Journal of Obesity. Read more here.

to this sugar, so consuming it could make

them more susceptible to weight-gain

related illnesses.

Harvard professor Dr. Mark Herman

recently tested the impact of fructose

on overall health. He recruited 21 adult

participants and asked them to drink

different sugar solutions on various

mornings. About 50% of participants

were lean, while the other 50% were

obese and at risk of developing diabetes.

Some mornings, participants would drink

75g of glucose before having their blood

sugar measured, and on other mornings

they would drink fructose or a glucose

and fructose mixture.

Blood tests showed that when

glucose was consumed, there was

only minimal impact to FGF21. When

fructose levels were increased, FGF21

levels increased significantly. People who

were obese experienced the sharpest

hormone rise when consuming fructose,

Leaner people showed wide variations in

responses too. The obese participants

started the experiment with higher FGF21

levels than the lean participants. Once

they consumed fructose, their FGF12

levels rose much higher than the levels of

lean subjects.

While this study seems to show that

an increase in FGF21 can lead to an

increase in obesity and related illnesses,

the link is not clear because in other

studies, the FGF21 hormone played

a positive role in lowering blood sugar

levels and promoting weight loss. Further

research is needed to better understand

how this hormone might impact obesity.

As reported by Stephanie Clarke in

Diabetes Health.


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