Counting carbs for the diabetic diet


iliar with peas since childhood, finally finding the skills to scoop them

f our cutlery onto the floor. It's just as well, as they're a fab food source


continued over

Thick London fogs of the 19th and

20th centuries were dubbed 'peasoupers'

because of their density

and green tinge.... There are 35,000

hectares of peas grown in the UK

each year, equivalent to about 70,000

football pitches. This produces about

160,000 tonnes of frozen peas - that's

2 billion 80-gram portions.... In 1969

the Birds Eye frozen pea commercial

was the first British TV ad to be

broadcast in colour.

Did you know this about peas?

The Nutritional value of fresh

peas, cooked per 100g:

81 cals, 14g carbs (6g sugar)

6% potassium

20% dietary fibre

5g protein.

Iron, 1mg

15% Vitamin A

66% Vitamin C

10% Vitamin B-6

8% Magnesium

21% Vitamin K

is particularly important since it's hard to

find as much iron in non-animal foods if

you are vegetarian. They are also high

in vitamin K, which has an established

role in Alzheimer's disease, where it

can limit neuronal damage in the brain

of sufferers. Also high in vitamin A,

which is an essential nutrient required

for maintaining healthy membranes,

skin and eye-sight. Peas are also good

in many other essential B-complex

vitamins such as pantothenic acid,

niacin, thiamin, and pyridoxine.

Furthermore, they are rich source of

many minerals such as calcium, copper,

zinc, and manganese.

Super greens

Despite being very low in fat, the

fat peas do contain is the best. Recent

research has shown that green peas are

a reliable source of omega-3 fats in the

form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In one

cup of green peas, you can expect to

find about 30 milligrams of ALA. About

130 milligrams of the essential omega-6

fatty acid, linoleic acid, can also be

found in a cup of green peas. This very

small but high-quality fat content of

green peas helps provide important fatsoluble nutrients to the diet, including


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