New diabetes managment kit

Something I was reading

made me consider my

attitude to diabetes. I've

read about diabetes

burnout for years - the

idea that the day to day life of living with

diabetes and trying to 'win' on numbers

can lead you pretty much to despair. As

Anton Chekhov once noted, 'Any idiot

can face a crisis, it's the day-to-day living

that wears you out', and he wasn't even

diagnosed with diabetes.

What does give me hope though,

apart from break-throughs (as reported in

the last issue) that mean that greater steps

are being made towards a cure), is that

there are big improvements in diabetes kit

and the way technology is being used to

improve how we live with the condition.

Again as reported in our last issue,

Accu-Chek's new Insight insulin pump will

be becoming available through diabetes



clinics early next year. The newest

Medtronic insulin pump, the 640G, will

also be coming out soon. A launch date

is still to be announced, but it's likely to

be the early-to-mid part of 2015. We'll

report more on those as they see the light

of day. In the meantime, here are a few

other updates on improved kit and new

kit coming to us soon.

Virtual clinic

Diasend has actually been around since

2006 and has been used across many

hospital diabetes clinics, as well as by

some patients using it from home. It is a

stand-alone system for easy uploading

of information from most glucose meters,

insulin pumps, CGMs and mobile apps.

However, in a newly-evolved form, it is now

being made much more widely available

for home use and is based on the principle

that simple and effective communication

between care provider and patient is a

prerequisite for the best care.

The Diasend system consolidates

and presents this information in clear and

structured reports, no matter what the

device is or how the data is stored. From

November 2014 patients have been able

to register at for

free and then upload their data from their

devices. By registering and downloading

the Diasend software people with diabetes

were then able to view their data and

share it with their healthcare professional

(HCP), if they want to. For this the clinic

must have a Diasend account; if it does

not, home users can print out the reports

and take into clinic when they next visit.

The people behind Diasend are

currently working on integrating mobile

Apps into the system. Their aim is that

An example screen from Diasend software showing CGM data over

a 12-day period, with patterns and averages.

continued over


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